Video SEO Pitfalls and Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

We all want to rank well on search engine result pages (SERP). But there are many mistakes and pitfalls. Today, let’s take a look at some common SEO mistakes and try to apply them to your video SEO campaign. The following list is a bunch of smart tips we’ve aggregated from some of the brighter people we enjoy following. Hopefully you’ll find these as useful and insightful as we have:

SEO Mistakes to Avoid and/or Easily Correct

Avoiding Video SEO Pitfalls

Avoid Video SEO Pitfalls

William Mather from Business IT also points out some of the most simple and egregious SEO mistakes:

  • Don’t fall for a pretty face – Graphics can be beautiful and attractive, but don’t create a webpage without text on it. It won’t help you show up in Google.
  • If possible name relevantly – Avoid giving your site a name which bears no relevance to your business.
  • CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT – Without timely and original content your site will never rank.
  • Be easy to find – Less of an SEO tip, but crucial nonetheless for any brick-and-mortar business: Make your address including the city and state readily available (especially if you’re a restaurant… Hungry people have no patience)

Don’t be a Duplicating Dupe

Jim Stewart from Smart Company warns against the perils of duplicate content, and offers some ways to avoid it. Personally I think that many duplicate content issues are easily avoidable when site owners make an effort to be ethical and honest about their content creation policies…

The fixes listed above are relatively simple stuff; they’re mostly a matter of adding original verbal content to your site. Now let’s get a little more into the technical SEO aspect with complements of Business IT.

Advanced SEO Tips

  • Make spidering easy – Search engines use indexing software called “web crawlers” or “spiders” to identify what web pages are out there. Spiders follow links to find new web pages, so to ensure your site is crawlable, every page should be reachable via your site’s internal link structure, and not only via a direct link.
  • What are your users likely to search for? – Think about your site also from the perspective of words people are likely to use when searching for your offers, then include these phrases in your content (eg, “how high is Mount Everest?” rather than “Mount Everest elevation”).
  • Your website doesn’t stand alone – When you think about your website as part of your overall marketing efforts, and not as a separate activity, you’re likely to start enjoying cross pollination between your online efforts and everything else you’re doing. For example an ad in a print newspaper could drive traffic to a dedicated landing page on your site, giving you a useful metric for how effective your print ad is, and whether the associated cost was worth it.
  • Titles, URLS and Descriptions – Think carefully about the title, URL and description of your major pages, especially the home page. The Title and Description are critical as they’re what will appear to users while they’re still browsing search results.
  • Free Tools – Take advantage of the wealth of information Google’s free webmaster tools makes available to you as a website owner. It’s incredible how many times we see big sites who still never bother with getting these great free insights

Applying Standard SEO Lessons to Video SEO

Videos are obviously more compelling than single images, hence many brands have already invested in, or are budgeting for the coming quarters, the creation of original branded video content.

So far so good, unfortunately we still see with most online video the investment falls short of going the extra step and ensuring the right metadata is entered for the assets deployed. It’s a truly shameful oversight because in many cases that little extra effort (correct metadata, and submission of a video sitemap) opens the way for your video content search indexing.

Automate Your Video SEO

The above tips are relevant primarily when you’ve only got 1 or 2 videos to consider, however if you’re a serious online vendor you’ve probably got hundreds / thousands of products to consider, and the issue of scale quickly makes video SEO a daunting task.

That’s where our automated platform truly shines.

Since we automatically pull your data directly from your website’s product catalog and add it to your videos, we can handle any scale of inventory easily and efficiently. Not only can we create perfectly optimized videos for your site, we can even syndicate them, including all metadata, to 3rd party video portals for more traffic and inbound links . Find out more about automated video SEO here.


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