Maximize Your Product videos’ Social Engagement Value

social media and e commerce video

Are You Combining Your Ecommerce Videos and Social Media Marketing?

Video and social media are both powerful tools for communicating your messages to customers, however when used in tandem with a conscious strategy they can give engagement levels a powerful boost and help drive conversions for your business. Regardless of your business your videos can be fun, informative, challenging, contentious, etc. – The question of what tone you adopt is primarily a question of what you feel comfortable with.

Your initial deployment tactics can range anywhere from a short term promotion competition or give-away campaign to stimulate engagement with your product or service before a particular known event (back to school sale, Christmas, etc.), all the way up to a strategic decision to adopt video as an integral part of our online marketing effort.

Whatever scope you choose to start with, and however you choose to deploy, tying your videos in with your social media efforts can create a powerful synergy that you’d be ill advised to ignore. The principles for maximizing your return on investment are simple:

From the video’s side

Leverage your video content to engage our audience socially:

  • Encourage visitors to share, ranks and comment on your videos.
  • Remember to post your videos not only on your on own site, but also on major video hubs such as Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.

From the social side

Leverage your social media efforts to evaluate and drive your video content:

  • Check social media metrics relating to video content to gauge how popular any given topic or type of video is
  • Advanced usage can include campaigns and competitions to encourage creation of User Generated Content (UGC) videos for you. For ecommerce purposes these could be:
    • Reviews – suitable for any product
    • Unboxings – generally for tech items
    • Product usage ideas – cosmetics, cooking, etc.
    • Tutorials – as appropriate
    • etc.

Maximize Your Product videos’ Social Engagement Value

As an ecommmerce video company our focus has always been on helping our customers maximize their ROI on product videos. Here are a few pointers we’ve picked up along the way:

The Value of Product Tours

Without going into detailed per industry analysis you can safely assume adding product videos to your site will generate a conversion boost simply due to boost in customer trust videos generate. Treepodia’s core service gives you immediate access to this conversion boost by automatically generating and embedding unique product videos for each of your product pages.

2. A/B testing

Treepodia’s platform has powerful tools for creating and running A/B tests for your product videos, but as mentioned above you can use your social media presence to test your ecommerce videos even further. Uploading your product videos to your social media presence before uploading them onto your main site is a great way to test what works with YOUR fan base audience. When a particular video gets a higher than benchmarked view or like rate, that’s a good inclination it will perform well on your site as well.

3. Share, Share, Share

We’ve covered a fair deal of reporting regarding just how much more popular videos are for sharing and promoting your products on social media sites. Treepodia’s proprietary player includes built in ‘social share’ and ‘add to cart buttons’. Turn these on to increase shares and engagement of videos. Remember – Every ‘share’ not only heightens your reach and gets your message out to more potential customers, but also helps with your Search Engine Optimization efforts…