Ecommerce Videos Drive Mobile Conversions

Mobile ecommerce and video - a match made in shopper heaven

Mobile ecommerce and video – a match made in shopper heaven

Online shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to retail (both online and offline). Being in my (very) late 30’s I still remember days when bandwidth was an issue, video held no presence on ecommerce sites, and the only way to view an item (in my case it was most often clothing…) was to squint at a blurry photograph on the page. Being an indecisive shopper, this made choosing items online ever so tricky (…never mind making a decision on colors or patterns).

Thankfully those days are long past, and with bandwidth becoming commodity the chances of bumping into videos on ecommerce sites are increasing daily.
Stores have discovered video has the winning factor when it comes to converting customers and both established etailers and new comers are embracing video as a standard fixture.

Videos, unlike disconnected images and text, tell a STORY, and we all know telling a story takes customer engagement to a completely different level. Especially when the platform is mobile

Ecommerce Video Goes Mobile

Not only are mobile phones being used by online customers to browse products more than ever before, but it’s estimated mobile shoppers are 3x more likely to view a video than desktop or laptop browsers.

Increasingly we’re all witnessing shoppers browsing ecommerce videos whilst shopping in an actual brick-and-mortar-stores to satisfy a growing need to find out more information about products, and make the most informed purchase ( = save money, increase satisfaction, etc.).

In short video is not only a great way to showcase a product’s features, but it’s also increasingly influencing conversions in ‘real life usage’.

Nothing Beats Product Videos for Rapid  Delivery

Videos won’t replace the need for product pages, if only due to the different types of audiences out there (some people will always prefer READING details), but for getting succinct information on the go they’re unbeatable, making them a big help for customer needing to make quick decisions, whether in store or not.