Multilingual Automated Video Production

Today’s internet marketplace allows you to sell, market and deliver your products almost anywhere in the world. As the developing world increasingly gets online, it might be in your best interest to market your product across multiple languages. Here’s how you can do it.

Have Fun Indeed!

Have Fun Indeed!

Use the Same Video with Multiple Languages

Depending on your product line, you will likely need to create a new video for each product. However, you don’t need to create a new video for each target language. You only have to include the proper meta tags and descriptions for each language. While you needn’t necessarily provide a new voiceover for every language (although with Treepodia’s automated video technology this is easily feasible) you should absolutely include translated slides and captions for each language, as our research has repeatedly shown these bear heavily on videos’ conversion rates

Automated Video Will Save Time and Increase Rankings

Treepodia’s automated video platform is available for English, French and German. As long as you have the product description available in the target language, whatever it may be, Treepodia can deliver automated video for each and every one of your products within hours, regardless of your inventory size.

If you looked at the Treepodia multilingual links, you’d see Treepodia has separate domain names for each language. You too can distribute multilingual videos across language-specific domain names for even greater SEO benefits. Thanks to Treepodia’s technology not only is the barrier to the world of online video removed, but the seemingly insurmountable barrier of languages is removed at the same time.

Entering the web’s emerging markets in Asia and elsewhere is now very much within your reach!

Photo Credit: MFinChina via Compfight cc