Product Videos – The Train You Can’t Afford to Miss

Are Images Passé?

Are Images Passé?

Images are a critical factor important to any ecommerce website. Without being able to touch, smell, or handle products customers are most interested in, they are less likely to make a decision to purchase items.

Correlating Image Quality and Conversion Rates

Potential customers have always relied on strong, bold images to get a feeling for their desired product. The sharper, savvier, and flashier an ecommerce site’s images are, the more information they provide regarding the product, and the greater the confidence they inspire to make a purchase from the store.

It’s easy to understand how the quality of an ecommerce website’s photography and its conversion rate are correlated.

The Evolution of Ecommerce Imagery

As ecommerce evolved so did the presentation of images on etailer’s sites. Image sizes increased, multiple image slideshows replaced single image presentations, zoom-in and pan interactions were introduced, etc.

We no longer really notice these type of image related widgets because they’ve become so commonplace on ecommerce websites. In fact we’ve come to expect them. When an etailer doesn’t offer us these features we tend to think less favorably at their site, which obviously negatively influences the likelihood of us making a purchase.

Product Videos are the Train You Can’t Afford to Miss

Over the past few years, and with increasing velocity, the largest ecommerce websites on the planet are including videos on their product pages, thereby steadily educating online consumers to expect video as a staple part of the online presentation  just as they were taught to expect advanced image presentations before.

The implications should be obvious – In the very near future customers are going to be expecting ALL ecommerce sites to have videos as a standard of their product presentation, and the consequences you’ll face by not matching that expectation will be a painful hit to your conversion rates.

The product video train has very clearly left the station, and practically speaking no serious ecommerce business can afford not to board it. If you’re an ecommerce pro the question you need to be asking yourself right about now is have you got your ticket to ride yet? 

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