Video SEO – Improvement Via Analytics

Keep on track of your video SEO

Online businesses typically invest a lot of money into marketing campaigns in hope of:

  • Driving new traffic
  • Engaging existing traffic
  • Converting traffic.

The problem is most businesses still don’t spend enough time evaluating campaigns. This sorry state of affairs is true of Video SEO campaigns as well, however due to video’s relatively heavier time/cost investment the issue is even more acute. The most important question any online business should ask themselves after the launch of an SEO video campaign is, did it work or not?

Read on to learn a few steps that will help make your next SEO video the success you’re hoping for.

Evaluate Your Video SEO goals

Before you begin your video campaigns you must have a goal or a purpose in mind.

What’s the use of creating a video if you don’t know what you want the outcome to be?

Setting goals will help you to understand your outcomes. Examples of goals are:

  1. Raise rankings by ____ places – Generate visibility and dominate your space
  2. Increase traffic by____ % – Creating awareness of a new product or service
  3. Increase conversions by____ % – Increasing revenue from a particular product or service

Be sure to set a numerical value to the increase you’re hoping for. Regardless of how far you miss your goal the first time, it will inevitably help you set a realistic benchmark for all future efforts.

Video Analytics

Make sure you’re not just looking at Google Analytics for your data, but are also accessing stats from your player, and cross referencing the data. If you’re showing the same video in different locations but getting different conversion results it’s worthwhile comparing relative play data and analyzing possible reasons for the variance. Our own experience with clients has show that seemingly insignificant factors such as the situation of the player on the page, or even the shape of the player button, can have a massive impact on plays.

There’s a clear correlation between video play numbers and conversions so it’s well worth the effort optimizing the player and layout for more plays.

Refine and Repeat

As we mentioned above, regardless of what your empirical data is, simply having numbers to reference is a huge step towards improving your future efforts. But simply having the data isn’t going to make a difference to your bottom line. Taking the time and making the effort to analyze the data and repeat the process, over and over and over (…and over), is what it takes to tip the scales in your favor. It’s painstaking work, and frankly it’s not always very exciting, but the first time you’re able to track a clear boost in sales figures to the effort you’ve put in, is as sweet a victory as any, and the good news is that once you’re clear on the process you can repeat it across your entire range.

Treepodia Product Video Statistics

Working together over the years with scores of online retail professionals has enabled us to craft a product video analytics dashboard that takes a lot of the dreary effort out of the aforementioned process. We’ve refined the process in order to automate testing as much of it as possible, leaving you time to focus on the bottom line.