Ecommerce Video Trends – Have You Jumped Onboard Yet?

So far 2013 has been a great year for ecommerce video. We’ve not only witnessed video climb to be a top priority for most online merchants, but also witnessed some really great success stories as well, and really this shouldn’t come as a surprise given that over the past few years viewing product videos has become an increasingly popular habit of online shoppers. The trend has of course been fueled by the overall popularity of video, and accelerated by video’s popularity as shareable content on social media. This year alone we’ve seen Vine come into it’s own, the opening up of Instagram to videos, and the implementation of video on Pinterest.

Given all the progress we’re seeing in this space today it’s a safe bet video will continue to impact the way retailers do business next year (and for many years to come). Trends of note include regular integration of videos into product pages, interactive videos (both in advertising and as purchasing platforms), and an ever greater adoption of video content as a supplement or replacement to blogging.


Here are some Ecommerce video trends to look out for:

1. More Businesses Want Their Share of the Ecommerce Video Pie

The cost of producing video is steadily decreasing, It’s not just that video production gear is becoming increasingly affordable, but also that:

  1. The mass adoption of smartphones, with their built in video shooting capabilities, is widening the circle of video hobbyists daily.
  2. Merchants are increasingly aware of the availability of cost effective product video platforms like our own which automate video production and scale effortlessly (…and given the fact that we promise our clients a four-times return on investment it’s easy to see how more and more businesses are choosing to take the plunge)

The vast majority of ecommerce videos being put on the web these days isn’t coming from ecommerce powerhouses like Amazon, but rather from thousands of small to medium ecommerce vendors who want to enjoy the host of benefits product videos provide. After all, the professional media has been spotlighting for years that video is a phenomenal sales driver (Zappos according to some reports has seen sales leap 6%-30% for products accompanied by video), so it’s really not surprising that smaller businesses are gearing up for their share of the action.

2. Facebook Will Drive Video Advertising To All New Heights

People already watch more video ads online than ever before, but come October things are going to get really close and personal with the launch of Facebook’s new implementation of video advertising directly on user’s feeds. Businesses are going to have at their disposal a powerful combo of ultra personalized targeting, coupled with video’s compelling story telling capabilities. Something tells me this is going to quickly become a top priority for businesses’ advertising budgets.

3. Video Blogging for Ecommerce

As video increasingly becomes a prevalent and preferred form of expression on social media sites and elsewhere, more merchants will chose to integrate it into their marketing. Already many early adopting businesses supplement their marketing content with the occasional video, but as mobile phones make it increasingly easy to create, edit and upload decent quality videos on  the fly, adoption rates will climb quickly.