Product Video – Where to start

Has your company ever thought about creating product videos to help increase its revenue stream? Product videos have accounted for up to 88% increases in revenue for some of our customers since introducing them into product descriptions. They have worked for companies such as Dropbox and Virgin Media, so they’ve got to work for you right? Wrong!

Product Videos - How to get started

Product Videos – How to get started

The reality is, most marketers won’t hit the 88% conversion rate by merely introducing video into the equation. They’ll have to work for it.

Take #1 Product Video Goals

Before you pick up your pen to start sketching ideas out for your video, jot down your goals. What is it you want to achieve from this video?

  • Increased conversions
  • Increased traffic
  • Brand recognition

Failing to outline your goals prevents you from being able to implement any kind of analysis to see how successful they ultimately were, and moreover removes any chance you have of improving on them.. Defining your goals clearly helps you with the the myriad questions that come up in production and enables you to tailor your video and test your best initial hunches as to what might work given your goal and audience.

Take #2 Product Video Script

Regardless of whether you’re self producing your product videos, having them done professionally,or even using our own automated product video platform, the single most important task you’ll be undertaking en-route to a final product video is writing a script. A good script will take into consideration the information you know from experience your clients want to know about your products, and will ensure it’s delivered succinctly, and early on in the clip. Long winded video descriptions are a things of the past. Our own research and industry data shows that for every 30 seconds of video you stand to lose about 33% of your audience.

Today’s product video should be about solving your customer’s problems. Brainstorm with your team or even use a survey to ask existing customers questions such as:

What do you wish you knew about the product before purchase?

What is the number one reason you bought the product?

How would you promote it to a friend?


By answering these questions, you’re most likely to answer your potential customers queries, helping them through the funnel and onto the conversion path.

Take #3 Production

Once you’ve got a goal for your video and have a concept for a script you’re next step would be to find someone to produce the thing for you.

You’ve basically got three options available to you:

  1. The In-House Do-It-Yourself option – Advantages here are probably lower costs and close control over the process. The disadvantages are:
    1. Time – Making video is a slow process and has a very steep learning curve – creating  a planned video is very different from posting a 5 second clip of your kids on Instagram. Multiply this process by a few hundred products and you’ll quickly find you have no time for anything else in your life.
    2. Production values – camera, sound and lighting impact the way your video looks a LOT.
  2. Full Production – If you have the budget to fork out a few thousand $$$ to pay for having your video professionally produced and you’re lucky enough to hire a team that knows what it’s doing you’re likely to get something that won’t embarrass you. The major concerns here are:
    1. Cost – Video production ain’t cheap…
    2. Scalability of the process – While you might have the pockets to fund a few dozen clips, creating videos for your entire catalog is usually not economically viable even if you’re selling very high profit items.
    3. Flexibility Even in the hypothetical case where money is no issue, you’re still facing scale issues insofar as flexibility of your video content are concerned. What happens when you want to update your product’s pricing? How do you quickly roll out a Christmas promotion message on all of your clips? etc…
  3. Go With Us! – I’m allowing myself some shameless promotion  here because I truly believe that dollar for dollar our automated product solution offers a solution that can’t be beaten:
    1. Time – Whereas other options will require at least days to produce a single video, with us your entire product catalog will be video enhanced within hours.
    2. Production values – Our custom video templates will make your brand look AMAZING
    3. Cost – Not only are our monthly packages very reasonably priced, but you’re also completely free to start or stop your account at will, giving you full control of your actual expenditure.
    4. Scalability – Whether your product catalog numbers 10 items or 10,000* you will have your videos ready on your site within hours (* – we routinely handle clients with many 10’s of K’s of SKUs on their site).
    5. Flexibility – Our platform routinely scans your product feed for changes to your product’s details and automatically updates your videos as necessary. So any change you make to your product will be reflected in its video presentation. Simple, elegant, and completely painless…


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