Are Your Product Page Videos Missing The Point?

There are some compelling arguments for the use of product videos by online ecommerce experts, such as increasing engagement, Are your product pages missing the point?combining offline with online marketing, but the biggest argument of all, is the ability to increase conversion rates.

Most savvy Ecommerce teams have video at the top of their marketing strategy, and most certainly above all other forms of media. The questions is Why?

Product Videos By The Numbers

Here is just a short run down of what some of our clients have been able to achieve with product videos:

  • Treepodia’s online video solution helped Onlinegolf increase CVR by 88% for items featuring videos.
  • ToolKing witnessed an increase in conversion rate of 50% – 60% with the use of video on their product pages.
  • After using Treepodia BedBath Store’s sale of products featuring video, rose 69%.

Make Product Videos Work For You

So, your business has bitten the bullet and opted to use videos on your product pages, now what?
Well now it’s time to ensure  you’re maximizing your product videos’ full potential and getting the maximum ROI.

ROI to Impress

As a product video company our focus is 100% about helping our clients maximize their revenue potential. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Include Videos of the Product in Use – Customers love seeing your products in use. If you’ve got vendor videos showing your product in operation put them to good use by including them within your product video portfolio. The more your customer understands your product, the more likely they are to buy.
  2. Embed your video in product pages – This is best practice from an SEO perspective, and is better for usability than having it pop up in a separate window. We can safely say that adding videos to your product pages will drive conversions through the roof, so don’t lose customers, keep them on the page!
  3. Use A/B testing to see what works best for YOU – If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all the years we’ve been providing vendors with product videos its that no too target audiences are the same insofar as response to messaging is concerned, and the only way to figure out what really works is to slowly but surely test a wide range of options. We’ve seen fluctuations in conversion rates for such prosaic reasons as changing a font, switching from male voice-over to female, and adding an  intro slide to each video. Sometimes the smallest tweak can yield the most surprising results…