How to Get Your Ecommerce Videos Out There – Product Video Syndication

Recently we discussed how important social sharing is for maximizing the potential ROI of your ecommerce videos. Today’s post is dedicated to additional ways you can distribute your content in order to fully capitalize on your product video investments. Remember – it’s your job to bring your video to your audience’s attention and make sharing easy. Here are a few tips to help you get going:


Promote your video to your existing customers

Syndicating your video to users is your responsibility

Syndicating your video to users is your responsibility

This may seem obvious, but it’s a channel that is so easily forgotten. If you have an email database of customers and prospects, it’s a great opportunity to send them an e-shot to promote your campaign. In most cases email gets a much better response than social media, and customers who are already familiar with your brand are most likely to watch and share your video.

Upload your video to YouTube and additional Video sites

Creating your website’s very own YouTube channel is a really great way to syndicate content, as is posting to additional players in the space (metacafe, dailymotion, etc.). Videos posted to these sites can routinely be embedded into web pages, and you can even give permission for other users to embed and stream your content, further enhancing distribution. Make sure you optimize your videos with the right keywords so that your videos are found when customers are making relevant searches, and don’t forget to include an inbound link to your site in the description…

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Add Social Share incentives to your videos

With the emergence of DIY deals cropping up over the web, it’s not rare to see campaigns which offer incentives for social sharing. As an example you could embed a link into your video which offers a 10% discount, or free shipping for sharing the video on your social sites. The more shares, the biggest the discount. Social shares are not only powerful among groups of friends, but they also create SEO benefits as your URL keeps popping up over and over across the web.


It’s important your video efforts are not wasted once your video is live on site. Don’t forget customers won’t just stumble across your video, you have to put the effort into making sure it’s found. Don’t just rely on one channel when it comes to promoting your video, Search Engine Optimisation is just as important as Email Marketing and Social Media.  If you have any questions on how to market your video once it’s live, feel free to contact us for some advice.