Product Videos – The Importance Of Sharing for Ecommerce

Over the years we’ve been in operation and publishing this blog we’ve repeatedly established the value product videos deliver insofar as direct return on investment in terms of sales increases, as well as indirect ROI on metrics such as website engagement and traffic. Today’s post looks at benefits your product videos can provide in regards to the massive (and still increasing) impact the social web has on ecommerce.

4 out 5 US and UK Consumers are Influenced by Social Media

Let your Product Videos power your Social Media engagement

Product Videos can power the Social Media engagement you need to drive purchases

According to a thrilling post published by Forbes earlier this summer we’re now at a point in time were 4 out of 5 people admit posts by their social media friends influence their purchases. The exact number at the time of publication was 81% and is likely to have grown slightly higher since.  Incredibly the results of this survey of over twelve thousand consumers from the US and UK found nearly the same percentage of individuals stating that companies’ social media activity influenced their purchasing behavior as well.

In short having your business post on social media and getting happy consumers to do the same is one of the most influential factors in determining people’s purchasing decisions ever to have existed in the history of commerce. The key is to engage and to provide people with content that is interesting and exciting enough to trigger that Like or Share response, and that’s where video is a huge win…

Videos – Almost as Likely to be Shared as Status Updates

On average about 20% of internet users share a video at least once a month. If that number seems low to you note that the same source ranks opinions, status updates and links at about 25% each. In other words:

In any given month people are as almost likely to share a video as they are to post a status update!

What this means for you is getting your product videos out there is an extremely good way to provoke exactly the type of social dynamic that your ecommerce website needs to get traffic and close transactions.