Are Your Product Videos Ready for Christmas?

Now, you may think it’s a bit soon to be talking about Christmas marketing campaigns, but we want to make sure you’re geared up for the year’s biggest ecommerce drive. Now is the time to get your ecommerce promotions ready, your marketing materials created and turn your analytics and onsite optimization up a notch. There’s a lot to think about around this time of year, and the pressure is high, so we’ve put together our list of essential Top 3 tips for preparing your ecommerce product pages.

1. Product Video Drives Christmas Sales

Product videos will boost your Christmas sales

Product videos will boost your Christmas sales

Your product video will be vitally important to the success of your ecommerce campaign. We’ve demonstrated here often that product videos have a much bigger impact on purchasing decisions than than static photography. This is really unsurprising as a not only does video displays the product in motion with sound and action, but also the medium lends itself naturally to story telling – it’s much easier for a video to be compelling. Around the holidays customers are inundated with offers so standing out is a must for driving sales.

2. Customize your Clips – Offer Customers Something New

Your product video is going to be a big conversion driver, however just to get those extra conversions wrapped up for Christmas, it’s important to exceed a customer’s expectation at this time of year. Push the boat out; offer your customers extra shipping options, gift wrapping and better customer support. This particular time of year is highly competitive, therefore giving customers an extra incentive to buy your products is vital. Don’t forget to add these extra product details into your ecommerce video in order to make them stand out even more!

Our dynamic ecommerce video platform automatically updates your product videos anytime you add or change the description for any of your products, saving you the effort of doing this manually for each of your clips.

3. Social Sharing

Ecommerce activity will peak during the Christmas period. Last minute shoppers will be looking to find the best bargains for their hard-earned cash, and they won’t just be looking on your site for them. Social media activity will also be heightened as people reach out to greet friends and family. The convergence of these two trends make the holiday season a perfect social media marketing storm, so it’s in your best interest to ensure your product videos are easily shareable on social networks. After all, you’ve gone to the trouble of making your video holiday ready, may as well  put in the effort to give it the best chances to be seen. Our product video players come with social media sharing buttons already integrated into the platform. All you need to do is make sure you enable the option.

What next?

Treepodia enables e commerce businesses to create engaging product videos straight from their product page. If you’d like to up the ante this Christmas and create videos to showcase your products you can get in touch here.


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