Video SEO for Ecommerce – Your Cure to Rankings Lost due to Hummingbird?

Are You Suffering Ranking Blues Too?

A couple of weeks ago Google quietly released another one of its major algorithm updates, and again threw a huge wrench into the workings of the SEO industry. Continuing with the logic and goals that served as guidelines for the “Panda” and and “Penguin” updates, this new latest update, dubbed “Hummingbird” is designed to further entrench content quality as the supreme determining factor of your website’s ranking.

If it looks like your rankings have been hit, you’re not alone. To see the degree to which this latest update has the SEO community a flutter search for “Hummingbird lost ranking“. There are already ~32 million results out there…

The signals from Google are very clear – as time moves on and search algorithms continue to improve, the only “future-proof” policy to adopt in order to maintain decent search engine rankings is to focus all search engine optimization efforts on the creation of quality content – Text, Images, and of course above all VIDEO.

Hummingbird lost ranking blues

Hummingbird getting you down?
Video might be the answer to your prayers!

Video for SEO

We’ve touched here often on video’s benefits from an SEO perspective, but for those of you in need of a quick recap, here are the headlines:

  1. Video is your shortcut to page 1 – With the new Universal Search Result Pages, which for certain searches showcase video thumbnails right on page 1, video has become an effective way to “cut ahead” to the top of search.
  2. Video is less crowded – The sheer effort involved in creating video compared to other forms of media serves as a barrier to entry that means the playing field is much less crowded then for traditional text or image searches
  3. Video is best loved and linked to – When it comes to selecting which content to spend time with netizens overwhelmingly vote with their feet in favor of videos. Videos repeatedly show up as the most liked, shared, and commented comment on the web. the implications are of course that video is excellent “link bait”. A few interesting, entertaining, or even controversial videos on your site could be your key to some major inbound link love.

Video and Ecommerce

Just recently we discussed videos’ growth in ecommerce, and indeed this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, after all not only does video offer great rewards for those who treat it well (as we saw above ), it also just happens to be the best way to showcase your products online. It’s not too much to imagine that with the publication of Hummingbird, and the further consolidation of content as Google’s prime metric for site rankings, more and more online vendors will reallocate their SEO budgets to give video the consideration it deserves…


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