Video SEO – What the Heck is a Video Sitemap and How Can it Help Me?

Video SEO - What the hell is a video sitemap and how can it help me?Now let us start by asking a very quick question. Are you disappointed with the amount of inbound traffic your product videos are receiving?

Well.. If you’ve incorporated product videos into your SEO marketing strategy, there might be a reason behind your failed traffic developments. Stop searching Google Analytics, the answer may be a lot closer to home than you think.

Hello…. sitemap?

A video sitemap provides Google with details about the videos on your site. By creating a sitemap, Google directs visitors to your site instead of to YouTube for example to find your videos. If you have video content on your site that is stored on YouTube or another video platform, then Google will generally not index them as part of your website. Therefore if someone does a search and finds your video, they will be directed back to Youtube and not your website. This is not good practice, and wouldn’t happen if you had a video sitemap.

What are the benefits?

Did you know videos are 53x more likely to get to page one on Google?

The main benefit of a video sitemap is very simple – your video has a better chance of  being found in the SERPS. We all know that video does well on Google, so why on earth would you send traffic back to Youtube (or whichever video platform you are using) and not your own website? Remember, the fundamental goal of any product video is to direct customers into the top of the funnel (your site) and convert them into paying customers. Google has explicitly said that they’re ‘putting more weight on video sitemaps going forward’, which means it is super important that your videos are found by Google in order to provide their true value.

Make your video easily findable

Search engines are great, but not so great they’ll just pluck your video from thin air. The best way to ensure your videos are indexed is to help search engines find. Implement a video sitemap and actively submit it via Google’s webmaster tools.

If you currently have videos on your site, use our free video Index status tool to check out how many of your videos are indexed, and if you’re not indexed, get yourself indexed A-SAP.