3 Psychological Triggers to Include in Your Product Videos

Influence is a powerful attribute for video marketing strategies . If you have unlocked the power to influence your audience, then you have found the key to video conversion success. If you haven’t quite got there yet, perhaps it’s time to take a long hard look at your triggers to see why they’re not quite hitting your targets.

Including psychological triggers in your product videos increases conversions

Including psychological triggers in your product videos increases conversions

We love triggers at Treepodia (the good kind), an event which can spark an action makes marketing efforts worthwhile and presents a clear case for ROI. Now, there are the blindingly obvious triggers (e.g calls to action) which spark actions, but then there are the not so obvious ones which help customers say ‘yes’ to what you’re asking them to do. A very clever marketing and psychology professor – Robert Cialdini  once noted a number of principles which in effect should help you with your ecommerce store. These include the following:


This is basically when someone gives us something we feel compelled to give something back in return. Have you ever visited a supermarket and felt compelled to buy  100 grams of cheddar cheese because you tasted the free sample? Well, that was the principle of reciprocity.

If you’re an online retailer, of course you can’t pop into someones house to offer them a sample of your products, however the next best thing would be to surprise paying clients by shipping them samples of other products with their purchased product. This feeling of having received a gift that might earn you a second purchase.



This principle relates to how your product is perceived by customers. The more of a connection they feel with your videos, the more likely they will convert and purchase your product – that’s why the lady at the cheese counter gave you your sample of cheddar with a lovely smile.

Every element of your video should be ‘likeable’ – the video template, the voiceover, the captions – all these build a personality for your video. Bear your audience in mind too, and remember that different audiences have different expectations. A video template that will do well for a sports vendor will probably work poorly for a jewelry store.


Social Proof

It’s common knowledge that customers are more likely to buy your products if they have been recommended them by their family and friends. Make sure your videos have social links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and of course Google +.  It may sound pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn that a lot of ecommerce stores are forgetful when it comes to applying social links to videos. We discussed the importance of social sharing of product videos for ecommerce here recently.

Incentivise sharing videos before and after purchase, to increase your videos’ outreach and to bulletproof your ROI.

If you want to blast your video marketing efforts to reach your target ROI, allow Treepodia to step up. With our fantastic technology, we can convert your entire product catalog into trigger friendly product videos that will convert the socks off your customers.