3 More Online Marketing Tips to Help You Dominate 2014

2013 has been an excellent year for Digital Marketers. We’ve witnessed a clear continuation of the migration of traffic to mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets (hard to believe those have only been with us for 3 years), people are watching more online video than ever before (video already accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic), and use of social media is gaining adoption with wider audiences than anyone could have conceived even a few short years ago (Twitter’s 55-64 year age bracket has grown 79% since 2012!!!).

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Google’s recent Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates are literally forcing online marketers to rethink strategies. Some marketers are trying their best to push the envelope for “traditional” online marketing channels to their limits, others are discovering and creating brand new ones. This has been the year Instagram and Vine have created new opportunities for marketers by debuting brand new platforms and formats – namely the short video clip.

Below is a sample from Samsung who was an early adopter of Vine’s 6 second format. The video was posted when Vine (which debuted last January) was barely 6 months old:



3 Tips To Help You Dominate 2014:
1. Engagement Will Become More Visual


Those were some of the trends that made 2013 amazing. But enough dwelling on the past – now it’s time to turn the page and think about 2014!

Here are 3 more tips to help you continue being awesome this coming year:

Consumers will be hit with more online advertisements than ever in 2014 (Online-ad spending is expected to expand 15% this coming year). This means you’re going to have to work harder than ever before to make your campaigns stand out.

As per the Samsung example above, early adoption of new formats and platforms, when done well, can yield PR value that far exceeds the initial investment. Furthermore this is one area where small brands have a more or less even playing field with the big boys – It’s much more about the creativity than it is about the budget.

If you’ve not yet considered Vine videos, Instagram and Snapchat, you should. These platforms will become increasingly important in the way businesses showcase products in the years to come.


2.  Mobile Friendly Content – It’s Now or Never

We can’t stress the importance of mobile enough. With widespread use and demand of smartphones and tablets, and the clear indications that these platforms have better engagement and conversion rates than desktop PCs, especially where purchasing is concerned, you really can’t afford to ignore them anymore.

Making sure your website, content and especially your video content, are not only accessible but also optimized for mobile users is critical.

Brands and companies that choose not to advance with the times will be left by the road side (and that’s never fun…).


3. More Video Than Ever

It’s no secret video portrays messages far more powerfully than other forms of media. The big news is that this factoid is gaining recognition in ever widening demographics.

If at first Youtube and other online video platforms were seen primarily as distractions for teens and young adults with dubious (if any) value for the more “serious” demographics, those days are long gone. With 6 years of adoption under its belt Youtube, and with it online video in general, have grown to become daily facts of life for ALL web users. 2011 was already the tipping point insofar as adoption is concerned even in the conservative B2B market, with 52% of companies mentioning that they’d already incorporated online video into their online marketing.

Let me make that ultra clear – Companies that aren’t yet using video in their marketing have been a minority for two years running!



I’d like to take this opportunity to thank y’all for frequenting our blog and helping make 2013 as amazing as it was. We’ll be here for you next year as well, so if you’re an online business with grand plans to grow via video, don’t be a stranger – Call us!


Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danmoyle/11178388835