Boost Your Christmas Sales with Our New And Improved Dynamic Video Sitemap

Ever since the advent of online retail the holiday season has seen a steady increase in ecommerce sales, with each year’s figures smashing the records set the year before. In 2012 online shoppers spent $43 billion during the holidays, and this year’s sales are expected to increase 15% and hit $62 billion.

Let our Dynamic Video Sitemap bring some Christmas cheer to your online sales

Let our Dynamic Video Sitemap bring some Christmas cheer to your online sales

Some businesses (luxury and gifts to name a few) make over 50% of their annual sales during the holidays, so for them (and for everyone else really) it’s important to make the season count. That’s why we’ve made a big effort to release the latest version of our Dynamic Video Sitemap generator in time for the holiday rush.

What is a Dynamic Video Sitemap?

As we’ve mentioned here time and again, web video is a compelling and highly effective sales tool that increases conversion rates by as much as 85%, furthermore having video on your site can greatly improve your search engine rankings (videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search result). Unfortunately Google and other search engines are still quite ineffective at indexing websites’ video content, so many sites invest in video only to lose out on many of its benefits simply because the search engines remain unaware of their video investment.

How Do We Help?

Enter Treepodia’s Dynamic Video Sitemap tool. This solution ensures your product videos are automatically indexed on all major search engines, enabling you to reap the full benefits your investment deserves. We often see a full catalog of product videos indexed by Google just a few days after submitting the video sitemap. Depending on how many products you have in your inventory that could translate into literally thousands of new long tail search results.

An example of the type of ROI you can look forward to is provided by our client Modern Automotive Performance. Just days after submitting their Dynamic Video Sitemap, they started seeing 1st page ranking for many of their product names, with cool video thumbnails included in their listing (see a search for DEI Cool Tube – MAP hold first page ranking, with a video thumbnail):

Video thumbnail in search results

Video thumbnail in search results


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