Video, Automation, and New Years Resolutions for Ecommerce

3 New Years Resolutions For Small BusinessesAs 2013 comes to a close it’s time to start thinking about our resolutions for the coming year. We believe this is a great time for marketers to start fresh and implement new online marketing ideas. Below are three resolutions you can consider to help your online business grow in 2014:

1. Go Mobile

Google statistics show 15% of all searches are conducted using a mobile device already. In Asia, where mobile browsing is highly popular, 30% of all web traffic is already mobile. These trends are certain to continue and studies suggest that by 2015 even in the U.S more people will be accessing the web via mobile devices than through desktop PC’s.

If you haven’t done so already then perhaps, in the face of this mounting evidence, and the studies showing mobile traffic is likelier to purchase, you really should start thinking about optimizing your website for mobile. You’re going to have to do it eventually, so you may as well do it now…


2. Invest in CONTENT

2013 will be remembered in SEO circles as the year Google effectively shut down some of the last remaining loopholes for easy ranking wins. As 2014 dawns online businesses are faced with the simple choice to either get with the program and regularly contribute by publishing quality content, or face an inevitable, painful, and costly slide down the SERPs.

Businesses normally face a reality where quality content creation is time consuming and therefore costly.

When we consider that the same Google algorithm improvements we mentioned earlier also put a premium on video content (often the costliest content to produce) it’s easy to see that maintaining a healthy balance between investment and returns will require businesses to come up with solid content strategies for the year(s) to come.

Treepodia is here to help with automated solutions that create engaging, high converting and SEO friendly video content to keep you in Google’s good books for the foreseeable future.


3. Syndicate

As content becomes premium it’s ever more important to milk the investment for all it’s worth by ensuring your content is well syndicated via every channel at your disposal. You no longer really have an option to choose to focus on just one or two.

Your latest blog post and product updates need to be sent out via your monthly newsletter, posted on your Facebook page, shared via your Twitter feed, etc.

Here again Treepodia can help via our automated video syndication service, which ensures your latest video content is automatically pushed to all the major video platforms.


4. Conclusion

Those of us who’ve been around long enough remember the early days when an “Online Marketing Plan” simply meant having a website. Those days are long gone, and increasingly the factor determining whether online businesses succeed or fail is the extent to which they streamline and automate their operations.

The web is a Darwinian evolution on steroids. If you want to keep your place in the ecosystem you really need to take a moment to review 2013 and make commitments regarding how you’ll do better in 2014.

Good Luck!!!

…and don’t forget we’re here to help.