Where and How To Syndicate Your Product Videos Effectively

Earlier today I bumped into an interesting article by Pete Prestipino of websitemagazine.com regarding the considerations that led etailers to select how and where they publish their ecommerce and product videos.

To be to truly effective your Product Video Marketing needs an automated syndication platform

To be to truly effective your Product Video Marketing needs an automated syndication platform

Pete’s article provides some very interesting graphs sourced via Compete.com that follow the absolute numbers of Unique Viewers for a wide range of video providers throughout 2013. The data includes such veteran players as Dailymotion and Metacafe, alongside new kids on the block like Instagram and Vine (which we mentioned in our tips list from a few weeks back).

Absolutes Might Be Off, But Relations Are Reliable

Like much of Compete’s data, the graphs are especially interesting when one considers that while the absolute numbers given might be wrong, the relative positions of the platforms in comparison to one another are probably accurate.

How Do Smaller Video Portals Compare to YouTube?

All the platforms covered are in essence pretty much just the “long-tail” of video, with the truly interesting question being how they compare to the twin elephants in the room: Youtube and Facebook.

One indicator would be running a Google Trends comparison (The rationale for the selection below is that these terms are entirely unambiguous insofar as they relate ONLY to online video):

As the graph above clearly indicates, at a ratio of 92:~1/0 (as of January 2014), Youtube’s dominance is complete.

Syndicating Product Videos Manually is Hard To Justify

Given the above results it’s easy to understand why for most SME operators, who’re already dealing with limited time for marketing, it’s hard to justify the effort required to appear on all the platforms.
A possible caveat might be those businesses that target a particular niche demographic that tends to flock to the newer platforms (For example Instagram’s demographic is quite clearly defined as young adults – Over 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35)

Automate your Product Video Syndication

Since there’s really no value added in repeating the process of video submission across multiple platforms manually, but the ability of milking long-tail value is to a great degree one of ecommerce’s greatest strengths, the obvious solution is to automate the video submission process. This is one of the many ecommerce video services we’re happy to assist you with…