Use Facebook Video Autoplay To Your Benefit!

As we reported here only a few short weeks ago, Facebook recently started auto playing videos in users’ Newsfeeds — meaning that videos play, in muted form, as soon as they scroll into view.

Autoplay to Push Interaction. How Remains to Be Seen…

Facebook autoplay

Facebook autoplay

This instant action, possibly introduced to try and gain ground with subsidiary Instagram users, or early adopters using Vine undeniably captures user’s attention far more prominently than before. It remains to see to what extent this new display increases interaction – shares, likes, etc. At any rate views are bound to go up.

Facebook Autoplay

Interestingly the new autoplay offers a hybrid solution insofar as audio is concerned. Playback is activated only when the user clicks play or otherwise engages.

What Can it Do For You?

As an online marketer, you can take advantage of the billion+ audience using this new feature by posting your product videos to your company’s Facebook page. Also, if your video player has a Facebook share option on the video overlay, your customers can syndicate the videos on their own Facebook pages as well, helping you get even more visibility.

How To Do

To auto play Treepodia-produced product videos, (or any other for that matter) you must upload the video file(s) directly to Facebook. If you’re unsure how to do this, and you’re a Treepodia client please contact Treepodia’s Client Services team with a list of the specific SKUs you’d like to start auto-playing on Facebook and they will send you the relevant download links. If you’re not a Treepodia client simply reply in the comments with your question or tweet us @treepodia and we’ll do what we can to help.

Once the videos are in place, you can use Facebook’s built-in analytic tools to measure the reach (the average is 16%) and viral sharing.

Learn more about Facebook video auto play and automated product videos on this page.