Youtube Can’t Support You If You’re Serious About Ecommerce

I recently ran into a great post by Jen Farley over at discussing the limitations Youtube has as the sole platform to service your ecommerce operations.

Jen lists some strong arguments such as the inflexibility of the youtube player to custom options, nonexistent automated distribution, and limited analytics.

We Have A Unique Insight on Video in Ecommerce

Youtube Not enough if you're serious about success

Not enough if you’re serious about success

Working as closely as we do for ecommerce giants such as Walmart, Cnet, and Lenovo, allows us to add one further reason which becomes evident at scale: The cost of creating and curating a video channel on youtube with individual videos for each and every product is impossible to justify even for some of the largest vendors on the web.

At 500+ Products Video Content Must Be Automated to Remain Up-to-Date

For any ecommerce vendor providing 500 products and up the only route to sustain a dynamically current video library encompassing every product in a constantly evolving catalog, is via content automation technologies like video and voice over generation.

The Next Generation of Content Marketing is Already Here

These are merely two examples of emerging content personalization and automation solutions we’re seeing coming into the market. Technologies such as dynamic upsell product matching, cart retrieval widgets, content suggestion and matching, and of course retargetting advertising…