Why Online Marketers Need to Put Video Content on Pinterest

Why Online Marketers Need to Put Video Content on Pinterest

Why Online Marketers Need to Put Video Content on Pinterest

With over 1 billion active users, Facebook has long been the big brother of social networks. All the while, poor little Pinterest, with its paltry 70 million users, has been lurking in its shadow. But don’t let Pinterest’s smaller stature fool you: this powerful platform is growing rapidly, and it deserves more attention from online marketers.

Pinterst’s Features are Geared for Visual Content

More and more brands are seeing the benefits of using Pinterest, and the reason is clear: video content lasts longer on Pinterest than it does on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where it gets pushed down news feeds and slowly fades from view. With Pinterest, users can share their pins and rearrange them, keeping the best video content fresh over a longer period of time.

Pinterst Users Opt-in for Content, and Repost the Best They Find

Besides, people using Pinterest actually want the content they are searching for—they hunt for wedding ideas, cool ways to decorate rooms, or different plans for hosting parties. Using Pinterest is like leafing through a magazine: when you find a video you like, you bookmark and go back to it. And this gives Pinterest a strong viral nature. More than 80% of pins are re-pins, which means users will promote their favorite videos and the brands that put out the best video content will grow their audience and reap the rewards from it.

Pinterst Puts an Emphasis on Videos

Offering members the choice to see only videos on their home page, Pinterest has put emphasis on video content, which shows how much faith Pinterest has in this medium. To help improve the kinds of content that its users enjoy, Pinterest has added tools to help online marketers put out better videos. Features like rich pins let businesses add extra details—like pricing, availability, and where-to-buy information—to their pins to make them more useful.

Real Time Pricing Boosts Your Product Videos’ Value

The real-time pricing feature for rich pins can also be a major boon—if a user pins a product video, and the price later drops on that product, the user can receive an email from Pinterest alerting them of the price change. Pinterest is helping you communicate in real-time with your customers, highlighting your brand’s presence and constantly reminding them of your active participation in the Pinterest community.

Trending Products – Showcase The Products Your Customers Love

The trending products widget is another useful tool for retailers with product videos. The widget lets you create lists of the most frequently pinned items in your online store and display them on your storefront. So your best products are kept in plain sight, the same as they would be if you were setting up displays in a physical store.

Pinterst Features are Geared for Visual Content

The bottom line is this: if you’re not putting video content on Pinterest, you’re missing out on a prime marketing opportunity. With merchant-friendly tools, a rapidly expanding audience, and a community that loves to share and promote great video content, Pinterest can give you that nudge you need to get ahead of your competitors.


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