Wondering What Automated Videos Look Like For YOUR Products? Now You Can Check It Out – FREE!

Videos are valuable tools for online retailers. In fact, they might be the most valuable tools you have. But creating, maintaining, and updating video content for all of your products is a time-consuming and expensive venture.

That’s where Treepodia can help

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Designed specifically for ecommerce, Treepodia combines automated video production and dynamic SEO tactics with advanced analytics to increase your sales, conversions, and page rank on Google and Bing.

Getting start with Treepodia will take you less than a minute, which is just a drop in the bucket when you think about the incredible growth your business can realize with an online store full short, memorable videos. Follow these instructions to get started today so that tomorrow your video content can start to drive your online sales.

Try It Now

2) Fill in your information so we can send you your video link when it’s ready

On the landing page, you will see a green button in the slider inviting you to Try It Now. Click on this button and fill out the requested information on the next page: your name, email address, and company name as well as the template you want to pick for your videos.

Fill in Your Details

3) Enter the details for your products

4) Click the “Create My Sample Videos” button

Now enter information about your online business, letting Treepodia know what kind of items you sell as well as your store’s slogan. Upload your logo, select two products to showcase, and add images to accompany them.

Check Your Email to Watch Your Trial Video

5) Check your inbox for your “Video Ready” notification

Go to your email inbox and follow the link to see your products in a beautiful 30-second video. You can try it out another time, if you still aren’t sure. But if you are, click the blue Get Started button to pick the package that is right for you.

Reap the Benefits

6) Head on to the link to see your video

Once you’ve registered, you will gain access to comprehensive information about your products, videos, and business performance. But that’s not all—videos made with Treepodia greatly boost your SEO, increasing traffic to your website and store. What’s more, Treepodia uploads all of your videos to YouTube and automatically performs A/B testing to promote the videos that have the highest conversion rates. In fact, Treepodia’s services are so powerful that you are guaranteed to quadruple your ROI (return on investment).

Video content drives sales, pushing online revenue to unprecedented heights. So what are you waiting for? Start using Treepodia today and watch your online business soar.