5 Tips to Improve Video SEO

Let’s go back a few years to 2011—Google cracked down on serial keyword-stuffers, adjusting its algorithm through a series of changes dubbed Panda. The effect was sweeping and immediate. Websites with low-quality content fell in search rankings while sites that engaged visitors, giving them reason to linger on their pages, rose to the top of the food chain. Panda also massively weighted Video as a positive ranking factor, broadening the scope and importance of video SEO for savvy online marketers.

Video is more important for seo than ever before. Boost your rankings with these easy tips

Video is more important for seo than ever before. Boost your rankings with these easy tips

Google made another massive adjustment to it’s search algorithms in the last quarter of 2013. The Hummingbird update, with it’s heavy reliance on Google’s massive knowledge graph, has made the search engine smarter than ever before and pretty much closed the last remaining door on various cheap content and link building shenanigans.

Today, more than ever before, SEO is all about content, and video is perhaps the most important tool you have when building your audience. People love video and therefore Google does too, plain and simple. But you still have to work for a high ranking. Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of video for SEO:

1.  Create Catchy Titles With Keywords

Find keywords that have little competition but a lot of impact and sneak them into the titles of your videos. A good resource is Keyword Eye, which gives you detailed rundowns for your chosen keywords. Just type in a keyword and a moment later vital stats will appear, allowing you to analyze AdWords competition and the number of times it was used in a Google search in a month. Make sure that your titles are interesting and relevant, because quality always wins in the end.

2.  Don’t Forget the Copy

Your content might be amazing, but it won’t mean a thing if your videos don’t get put in the index. Search engines still prefer good old-fashioned HTML, so include a brief summary of your videos.

3.   Link Your Product Videos From YouTube and Vimeo

Upload your videos to YouTube and Vimeo. While not the be-all end-all, these two platforms let you link back to your website, which matters when trying to boost video SEO.

4.   Tag Your Videos

Think back to your keyword research: write basic, keyword-rich tags that will attract casual browsers. Complicated tags will not only throw them off, they will limit your reach and defeat the purpose of focusing on video SEO.

5.   Keep Your Ecommerce Videos Short

Viewers prefer one-minute-or-less clips to long drawn-out videos. People don’t visit your site to watch a movie—they want to consume content on their phones and tablets while they’re on the way home from work. If your videos are long, consider breaking them up, giving them different tags and keywords. You will both engage your viewers and improve page ranking by keeping videos short.

 These tips merely scratch the surface of much more incredible possibilities. If you have a lot of videos you want to share, you probably don’t have time to optimize all of them. But Treepodia can turn your cache of content into video SEO gold. Sign up today and watch your page ranking and profits soar.


Image courtesy of Brett Farmiloe via flickr.com