Representing Treepodia at IRCE Chicago

Treepodia is happy to announce that we will once again exhibit at the largest and most important trade show in the industry, IRCE in Chicago, from June 10-12.

IRCE 2014 Highlights

Treepodia to attend IRCE2014 in Chicago

Treepodia to attend IRCE2014 in Chicago

Treepodia has been a proud IRCE exhibitor for these past few years, and we’re happy to be going back there again. Among others presenting at the show will be industry leaders like Jimmy Wales, founder and CEO of Wikipedia, and John Donahoe, CEO and president of eBay Inc. In other words, Treepodia will be in very good company.

With booths, presentations, and other events, IRCE has a lot to offer. The Treepodia team, led by Dr. Melody King, is most excited to hear one speech in particular. The co-founder of Retail Connection (parent company of Knife Depot), Warren Sager, will go into depth about Knife Depot’s video strategy, touching on ways that online retailers can use video to increase sales and brand loyalty. Knife Depot’s approach mirrors our strong belief in the use of automated product videos and a variegated social media strategy to significantly increase sales, exposure, and subsequently ROI.

IRCE has been a key event for Treepodia in the past, and we believe that this year’s show will be even bigger and better. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet forward-thinking entrepreneurs, swap ideas, and chat with any of the over 10,000 expected attendees.

If you plan on attending, please stop by the Treepodia booth and talk with us—we would love to hear from you!


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