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Have you heard? Dr. Melody King, VP of marketing at Treepodia, will be leading a webinar next week, on May 7 at 2 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about video marketing for online retail from Treepodia’s very own marketing virtuoso.

Video is Key

Join Treepodia's Next Webinar and Start Winning with Product Videos!

Join Treepodia’s Next Webinar and Start Winning with Product Videos!

48 of the top 50 online retailers have made video a key tool in their online marketing strategy. In other words, video marketing matters—it matters more than many e-marketers realize—and it continues to grow and evolve. In this webinar, Dr. King will talk about recently released tools for video, explaining how to best take advantage of them to draw out enormous benefits.

Whether you deal in jewelry, weddings, electronics, flowers and gifts, sports and accessories, fashion, cars, or even engineering, you stand to gain visible profits with carefully planned video marketing. Dr. King will talk about new video opportunities that you can leverage in your own marketing campaigns. These include targeted ads, personalized communication, video SEO, social media broadcasting, mobile integration, and email communication.

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What’s more, if you’re new to Treepodia, you can get 15% off your video generation subscription when you register for this webinar. And if you’re already using Treepodia, you’ll get 15% off the subscription price to one of our new solutions. What’s not to like?

So register now—learn the best ways to integrate video into your online marketing and watch your business flourish because of it.