Shopping Cart Abandonment Getting You Down? Product Videos to the Rescue!

We’ve discussed conversion funnels on the blog quite a few times, but we only touched on abandoned sales, which are precisely the customers from which you stand to gain the most. Let’s take a closer look at a few tactics you can employ in your videos to reduce shopping cart abandonment and make those lost sales.

Got shopping cart abandonment blues? Product Videos can take that pain away

Got shopping cart abandonment blues? Product Videos can take that pain away

Display Security Badges

Online customers need to feel certain that their credit card information will not be hijacked when they make purchases on your website. Include badges from your chosen security providers as a slide in your video to instill confidence in shoppers.

Cut Out Registration

Online shoppers want to get in and out of your store easily, spending as little time as possible finalizing their purchases. Ultimately, you want the same. The less time your shoppers have to second-guess themselves, the greater the sales you will achieve. So wherever possible cut down clunky registrations and let your customers check out as quickly and easily as possible. A good example of how you could achieve this if you happen to be running a Magento based store is to deploy the One Step Checkout extension that reduces the standard Magento checkout process to a single compact and dynamic screen.


Once you have a well streamlined checkout process be sure to mention this in your product videos – Let your customers know that buying from you is easy and quick.

Video Helps Optimize for Mobile

Statistics regarding browsing and purchasing via smartphones provide absolute proof regarding the importance for sales of having a good mobile adaptive website. We’ve discussed here often how videos, as easy-to-consume content, make an ideal optimization for mobile websites and help drive purchases.

Price Guarantees

For many purchasing online is still all about the price. Wherever appropriate let customers know that your store offers the best price out there. Include reference to your price guarantee in your videos to help boost confidence in purchases.

List Payment Methods in Your Video

Customers like to have the freedom to choose how they pay for their purchases. Multiple payment options also help establish credibility for your shop. Make a point of including the logos for the various payment methods you accept in your videos.

Clarify Your Pricing Policy in Your Videos

The vast majority of customers abandon purchases because of issues associated with unexpected fees at checkout. An easy way to leverage your videos in order to reduce abandonment is to include a reference to your pricing / tax / shipping policy in your videos. By setting the correct expectation you’re avoiding creating disappointments later on in the process.


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