Master Video Marketing With Our New e-Book!

We’ve been working hard lately, spreading the word about the unique ability of video to boost sales. We led a webinar on new video opportunities for e-marketers. We’re attending IRCE in Chicago. And now we’re happy to share with you our first e-book “Video: The Ultimate Way to Boost Sales.”

Become a product video ninja with our new ebook!

Become a product video ninja with our new ebook!

This exciting document reveals some of the most telling statistics about the skyrocketing popularity of video and goes into length about its ever-growing importance to search rankings. This e-book goes deep, sharing with you the tricks of the trade that will help you get ahead of the competition by making video a key part of your online marketing. Best of all, our e-book is totally free.

Expert Knowledge on Using Video to Boost Sales

If your company’s online marketing has plateaued, or you want to maximize earnings with video but don’t know where to begin, our e-book will walk you through the basic steps as well as the advanced strategies, teaching you how to integrate video without spending a fortune on it.

Written by Dr. Melody King, the very first Treepodia e-book will give you tips that you can’t find elsewhere about automated video generation, video SEO and video sitemaps, making effective product videos, video syndication, measuring the success of your videos, and much, much more.

So download our free e-book today—“Video: The Ultimate Way to Boost Sales”—and get started with video already! Your online business will reach new heights thanks to video, and you’ll find out precisely why in our e-book. Learn how to harness the power of video to boost sales.


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