Video Marketing and the Importance of Being Interesting

If you’ve been following our blog you know by now that when you’re trying to build a bigger audience, you need to produce video content. That’s because video builds your brand, establishes a sense of trust, gives information to potential consumers, helps you rank in search engines, and most importantly converts browsers into buyers.

Effective Video Market is all about being interesting, engaging and helpful

Effective Video Market is all about being interesting, engaging and helpful

Of course it doesn’t hurt that by 2017, an estimated 90 percent of Internet users will be watching videos. This means that to remain relevant you need to start thinking about your video marketing strategy now.

You should focus on product videos, first and foremost, to drive sales and increase your search ranking. That’s where Treepodia comes in, by creating optimized automated product videos for you. But don’t stop there—video content is the wave of the future, and there are countless ways to approach it, but you have to be interesting to attract a strong and loyal viewership. Here are a few ideas to kick around as you develop your video marketing campaign:

Know the Trends in Video Marketing

A viral video can put you in the spotlight overnight. Follow trends on YouTube, and then create a video that integrates your brand with whatever trend is popular. Trends constantly change and evolve. It’s okay to jump into the fray, too, but if you don’t act quickly, you will be stuck in the past.

Be Honest, Strike a Chord With Your Consumers

Video content that sparks some kind of emotional response often results in more shares and interest. Aim to add compelling content to your videos. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind on a topic. Discussions arise from important topics, and discussions mean engaged viewers.

Use Video to Help With Your Products

A company called Bird-X, which develops humane bird control products, recently produced a series of videos showing viewers how to best use their products. This is a perfect example of what any online retailer should be doing with their video marketing: improve sales, understanding of a product, and customer satisfaction in one stroke of the brush.

Keep It Real

Let your followers know who you are and what you stand for in every video. Talk about how your company got started. Introduce every member of your team in videos, because everybody has a story to tell. Add a human element to your product videos. Any video marketing that focuses on, well, video marketing instead of products will come off as manufactured. Share real passion—the passion that you bring to work each and every day.

Interesting video content will always win out over bland, boring video content. So be interesting in your video marketing campaign.


Image Credit: Wikipedia