3 Tips for Building Credibility into Your Product Videos

The goal of any Ecommerce site is simple – to sell!

When broken down to its most primary components, the degree to which your store succeeds at selling is a result of the following three primary factors

  1. Your product offering – Your merchandise.

  2. Your credibility – How well your merchandise is presented and supported by the framework of your shop.

  3. Your call to action – How well the mechanics of your store, shopping cart and gateway support your client’s buying process.

This post is dedicated to highlighting a number of tactics you can incorporate in your product videos in order to enhance the overall credibility of your website.


Good Photos, Great Photos, Awesome Photos

Investing in your website's photos promises you good looking product videos too

Investing in your website’s photos promises you good looking product videos too!

At risk of stating the obvious I’d like to remind us all that the Internet is primarily a VISUAL medium, and when people buy online, they’re buying with their EYES. It’s getting better, but you still see a fair amount of shops that have obviously not gone the distance when it comes to their product photos. I can’t stress this enough – If you’ve not done so yet, make sure your product pages feature a VARIETY of GREAT photos for each product. Not only do people want to have the opportunity to take a good long look at whatever they’re about to spend their hard earned cash on, sloppy photography is also likely to breed a lack of confidence in your website’s ability to deliver.

Treepodia’s video automatically generates product videos from your website’s existing photos, so having great photos pretty much guarantees you’ll have great videos too.


Credibility Marks

One of the arising conventions of ecommerce is including the logos for accepted payment solutions, deployed security measures, and consumer protection associations memberships, etc. in the footer of the site. The reason this works is at least partly because we’re all subject to the psychological bias known as the halo effect. Since we tend to trust the companies associated with those logos, we’re more likely to trust a website displaying them.

The problem with this trend is that since the logo strip is usually included only in the footer of the site, most users never see it unless they take the effort to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Including your “trust strip” in your product video template (as part of the final slide, or as an overlay at the bottom of the frame) is an easy way to bring user attention to them.



When it comes to credibility one of the most powerful tools at our disposal are video testimonials from existing happy customers. Ideally a large variety of them. Investing the time and effort required to record a few client testimonials is probably one of the smartest things you can do from a marketing perspective.

Not only should you include short snippets (2-3 seconds) from a testimonial in your product video template, you should create a dedicated video gallery on your site showcasing all the full length testimonial videos you’ve been able to source (easy enough to do as a branded Youtube channel). A good video testimonial  has no expiry date and can serve as part of your marketing collateral for years to come.



Establishing your credibility is a critical and necessary step in the process of turning a visitor on your website into a paying customer. The tips above are just a small selection of the opportunities you have. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below.


Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joanet/5772686658