A/B Testing, Product Videos, and the Age of Experimentation

A triangular play button displayed on the center of a video, a “buy now” button rather than a shopping cart icon, the simple color and style of a video: for online retailers, the innumerable ways to market products through video can be daunting. And, to tell the truth, without proper A/B testing—running a simultaneous experiment of two variables in the same environment to determine which performs the best—it’s hard to know the true success rate of product videos.


Sometimes, the smallest changes can result in the greatest returns. And, sometimes, what works for one product won’t work for another. Product videos are fickle and, as a medium, video is super-sensitive to change. That’s why it’s so important to run A/B testing on product videos, to gain insights on ever-evolving consumer behavior and consistently maximize conversions.

Don’t get caught up in all the variety!

Don’t get caught up in all the variety!

Experiment and Engage: The Reason to Run A/B Testing on Product Videos

Experimentation is the core of online retail. Over time, products can go stale as consumers search for the next new thing. So brands create and recreate to engage with their consumers, or they tweak existing products, hoping to garner major returns.


Constantly revolutionizing products is one key to success in this day and age, but it’s not the only key. Product videos can make sales skyrocket when optimized, but figuring out which video performs best requires its own kind of revolutionary action: A/B testing.

A Prime Example

Let’s say an online shop sells graphic tees, marketing them through thirty second product videos. One of the most popular t-shirts features a kitten dangling from a clothesline that reads “Hang in There!” The vendor has seen strong sales in the only color offered, sky blue, and has decided to experiment with five new styles and colors.


The vendor tweaks the color of the kitten, the background, the text, the piping—every little embellishment—and finds out that a red background with a black kitten has been the most purchased item in her online store. (This is called multivariate testing, or comparing multiple variations of the same product.) She creates a product video for that version of the shirt and advertises it the same as her sky blue shirt, figuring that the return on her investment has been maximized then and there.


While multivariate testing of variations and styles engaged her consumers and determined one variation of her product with a lot of potential, it didn’t say much about the best way to market her products. In order to reveal the crucial marketing insights that will maximize her sales, she needs to run A/B testing on her product videos.

The Key to Successful A/B Testing for Product Videos

What is the value of A/B testing if the results are muddled or inconclusive, or if a retailer has no idea what to do with them? Online retailers who include product videos in their marketing need to generate accurate, reliable results to learn and grow as a business. More importantly, they need to effectively act on the information they retrieve from A/B testing.

What we do at Treepodia is allow multiple versions of a product video to be uploaded. These can be videos created using Treepodia’s platform, in-house product videos, or user-made videos. Then, we automatically run them all through our tried-and-true A/B testing, pinpointing and promoting the version of the video that results in the greatest number of conversions.

A Final World on A/B Testing

Of course, we know that not every product made with the same template will perform the same.  Each visual change creates an impact, but in unique ways, and some more than others. So the more videos a user uploads, the more optimized the results will be. This takes the legwork out of A/B testing, offering online retailers the luxury of time to focus on other aspects of their business. With Treepodia’s automated A/B testing, you can turn your product videos into profits.


Image Credit: Riccardo Romano https://flic.kr/p/yBKhX