What Everyone Should Know About User-Generated Videos

A couple of weeks ago, if you had logged on to Facebook, your news feed would have been inundated with videos of friends and family members getting doused with chilly water. The ice bucket challenge, an online movement to raise funds and awareness for ALS, had taken the world by storm. Although the ice bucket challenge might have finally fizzled, creative campaigns based on user generated videos have only just begun.

Setting aside the politics of the movement, let’s focus on brass tacks: people participating in the challenge helped bring in over $100 million. By any measure, that’s a success. And that success has opened eyes.

 The ice bucket challenge was above all a symbol for the power of user generated content, especially videos. e-Marketing in the future will be defined by business-user interaction, and that means parlaying the lessons learned from the ice bucket challenge into successful campaigns.


The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral fast. The ALS Association received $112 million in donations purely from this campaign.

User Generated Videos: The Future of e-Marketing

User generated content gives voice to individuals and facilitates B2C communication, connecting us in ways never before possible. As if that’s not enough, here are a few stat-driven reasons why user generated videos present a golden opportunity for e-marketers.

  1. According to an Elon University study, 65 percent of online consumers seek out some kind of user generated content before making a purchase. That’s because consumers trust other consumers—they trust that everyday people will give honest reviews of your products.

  2. User generated videos directly boost sales on your website. Sears invited thousands of people to upload homemade videos. The result? Sales rose significantly. That’s because the videos connected with consumers on a personal, intimate level, appealing to the right emotions.

  3. Sites with lots of user generated videos have lower bounce rates. And more time on your site means greater opportunities for conversions.

In short, consumers want to see user generated videos. Customers who love your products want to tell other shoppers why. For what it’s worth, user generated content takes away from your workload: the customers market your products, and you give them a sincere shout-out by promoting their work in return. It’s win-win.

Using Treepodia for User Generated Video Campaigns

Recently, we helped EyeBuyDirect with a campaign structured on user generated videos. The company invited users to post video reviews of eyeglasses bought from their store. EyeBuyDirect uploaded their videos to Treepodia’s automated video platform. Then, our unique platform turned all the user reviews into beautiful live videos.

The videos were posted online, the three best awarded $500, $250, and $100 in EyeBuyDirect’s loyalty dollars (money to be spent in their online store). All users were given 20 percent discount codes to the store.

The contest was a major success, and its rewards keep coming in: as a result of the campaign, EyeBuyDirect saw a significant boost in followers on social media as well as a bump in search engine rankings.

Get Started Now!

As the uber-viral nature ice bucket challenge videos proved, campaigns with user generated videos have limitless potential. With Treepodia, starting your own campaign has never been easier.


Image Credit: VanossGaming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kAsQNerZpg