Cultivating Customer Loyalty? Send Personalized Video Emails That Stand Out From the Crowd


You’ve got one before. You probably got one today. A canned form letter in your inbox. A “special” product offer addressed to Customer X and signed “Yours Truly.”

What did you do with it? Did you read through the text, click on the link, and watch the product video? Or did you send it to your trash folder without second thought?

Video + Email = Customer Loyalty Gold

It’s plain to see: video is the hottest tool we have. It engages users and has enormous potential to create conversions. The average Internet user is exposed to over 30 videos per month—roughly one a day—and one third of all online activity involves video.

Most brands have already adopted product videos in order to attract and retain customers, and we all know how well video performs with platforms like YouTube or Facebook. But one playing field that marketers have left relatively empty is email.

Email is Rich with Possibilities

Consider these stats: by including video in emails regularly, your opt-out rate can drop up to 75 percent, and by simply including the word “video” in your email subject line, you can increase click-through rates from 7 to 13 percent.


It’s time to put your client data to good use! Personalize your video emails!

It’s important to note that mobile viewing patterns make video emails an even greater marketing tool. For starters, there will be an estimated 1.75 billion mobile Internet users by the end of 2014. More to the point is the fact that videos are a much better kind of content to view on a mobile device than long, wordy emails, because they fit the screen and require no scrolling.

What’s more, you can send your video in an SMS. That method is fast and direct, which means your customers are more likely to view it than they would if they were using a desktop computer.

Send Videos that Your Customers Want to See

You shouldn’t just send any old video in your emails. Not with the dizzying amount of big data available. And not when marketing studies show you have to connect on a personal level with your customers to earn their loyalty.

To build a fan base of happy, link-clicking repeat customers, roll out the red carpet. Send personalized videos to their email inbox.

Welcome Notes, Thank-Yous, and More

For new customers, that can mean video welcomes, thank-yous, and quality assurances. And it doesn’t just have to be email. You can send these videos through SMS messages or newsletters.

Video Messages Promoting Coupons and Discounts

For loyal repeat customers, you can send a short video announcing a new product, or you can cross-sell or up-sell some of the other great products in your online store.

Let’s say you have a hot promotion you want to advertise. This is when you would normally send a newsletter with a note about it to all your regular readers. Now, you can leverage your existing email service provider (ESP) by sending out a short video promoting your coupons and discounts. It takes you no time at all (especially when you’re using Treepodia’s loyalty video technology) and the message gets sent directly to the email addresses listed within your ESP.

Understand Your Customers—Send Videos They’ll Never Forget!

All this e-marketing potential becomes possible when you understand your customers’ buying behavior. When you have that data at your disposal, tailoring content to each customer becomes a snap, and you can get creative with your video marketing.

Okay, that being said, the key here is giving your customers what they want. When done right, videos in email can increase click-through rates up to 300 percent and conversions by 100 percent. But “doing it right” means sending relevant information and with a personal touch.

Customize to Your Tastes—Creating Personalized Videos Is Easier Than You Think

Treepodia’s loyalty video technology pulls big data from your client database, creating profiles based on that segmented information. So you can send different video offers to any segment you wish. You can even address your customers by their first names.

Of course, you can update the data any time you like. This whole process is ridiculously easy. With Treepodia, it’s a simple matter of inserting a small piece of code into a landing page or your email, newsletter, or SMS.