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Online marketing is chock-full of timesavers, tactics, and tips, with personalization of messages being one of the most effective tactics. Traditionally personalization was limited primarily to mail-merge in newsletters, but not anymore…

Customer loyalty videos are personalized videos syndicated directly to your customers’ inboxes, and if they aren’t a part of your e-marketing strategy, they should be.

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Customer Loyalty Videos - Video marketing at it's best

Customer Loyalty Videos – Video marketing at it’s best

Learn more about the incredible power of customer loyalty videos from Treepodia’s latest webinar. Join Chief Marketing Officer Dr. Melody King on Thursday, November 13, at 2 pm EDT as she discusses how Treepodia not only creates personalized customer loyalty videos for you, but also goes above and beyond to help build a buzz about your brand and optimize your return on investment. Register now!

 The webinar will highlight:

  • Treepodia’s Personalized Customer Loyalty Videos

  • Treepodia’s YouTube Fetcher Service

  • Results tracking and Automated Optimization

  • Expected Return


Customer Loyalty Videos and Treepodia’s YouTube Fetcher: A Primer

With Treepodia’s personalized customer loyalty videos sent directly to your customers’ email inboxes, you can increase email open rates by 20 percent and click through rates by two to three times, boosting brand awareness, sales, and customer retention. Above all, these are videos that matter to your customers—videos that they want to see.

 Treepodia’s YouTube fetcher service scans YouTube for videos created by users, experts, and reviewers that feature your products. Then, it lets you automatically upload them to your website, lending credibility to your business through real testimonials.

Harness the Power of Video Marketing – Learn More from Our Webinar!

 Video marketing can boost the effectiveness of email programs and enhance marketing through word-of-mouth. So don’t delay! Learn how to take advantage of these new tools and use them to grow customer engagement and sales. Register for our latest webinar today.