5 Video Marketing Resolutions for 2015

A new year marks a new beginning. It’s a chance to make good on all your resolutions, and not just the resolution to exercise, call your parents more often, and stop eating ice cream after midnight. No, we’re talking about business resolutions.

The calendar turning to 2015 means it’s the perfect time to start video marketing for your business. And if you’ve already joined the millions of others out there already using video, make the resolution to go above and beyond this year.

Without further ado, here are 5 resolutions that will help turn 2015 into the Year of Your Business.

1.I Will Include Call-To-Actions

Make it easy for customers viewing your product videos, increase engagement, and add subscriptions. Guide them where you want them to go with clear call-to-action buttons (CTAs) in every video.

Treepodia makes this easy for you with our easy to use template. You can add whatever messaging you want to all your video clips, even as a slide or a voice-over narration.

2. I Will Go Mobile

According to eMarketer, over 59 percent of digital ad research dollars will go to mobile marketing by 2017. On top of that, as of 2014, there were an estimated 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide.Across the world, people are using their phones to surf the web on the subway, at their desk, and at home while watching TV.

The trends of the future are clear. To stand out, you need your videos to be on a mobile-friendly platform. If your videos aren’t optimized for mobile usage yet, check out Treepodia’s platform, which is designed to work perfectly on mobile phones and tablets.

3. I Will Use Video in Email Marketing

By simply adding the word “video” in the subject of your email, you can increase click-through rates (CTR) by 7 to 13 percent. And that’s just one of many stat-driven reasons you should be including videos in your email newsletters.mailtreepo

Videos engage viewers. People like watching them. It’s just that simple. This year, try sending out a variety of customer loyalty videos: thank you notes, special discounts, quality assurances. And with Treepodia, you can leverage your existing email service provider (ESP) to send out segmented, personalized messages through video.

4. I Will Be Social

User generated videos lead directly to conversions, because they open channels for better B2C communication. Remember the ice bucket challenge? The videos went viral and raised over $100 million in donations. Show your customers how approachable you really are. Be social.

5. I Will Run A/B Testing for My Videos

Know what works and what doesn’t and stick with what works. That maxim is key to success in all types of business, brick-and-mortar and online alike. A/B testing is, in essence, pitting one version of your video against another, showing you the highest performing—the one with the best click-through rate, for example.

Treepodia’s platform automatically runs A/B testing on every video in your catalogue and picks out the best of the bunch. This means you can focus on running your business instead of spending your valuable time doing all the leg work.