Treepodia and YouTube Pre-Rolls – An Introduction to Personalized Video Ads

Pre-Roll Ads – An introduction

If you’ve ever watched youtube in the past few years you’ve already been exposed to a pre-roll ad, even if you’re unaware of it.  Pre-rolls are a major revenue generator for video portals and are characterized by being brief and becoming skippable after a short period of time (ususlly 5 seconds). Pre-roll ads are typically used to raise awareness and drive website traffic. They can be used for lead generation and sales, but they’re not intent targeted like classic SEM PPC.

For pre-roll ads to be effective they have to grab the audience’s attention within the first few seconds. Including intriguing, funny, helpful or even controversial content within that brief span can make the difference between a skipped ad (read: missed opportunity), and an effective campaign (read: more sales). A key factor in triggering the desired response from your audience is relevance. More about that later…

Why YouTube?

Although pre-roll ads are offered by a number of leading video networks, with over a billion visitors each month Youtube is by far the largest. Youtube video views extend beyond the site – although the mass of prerolls are seen on watch pages, and channel pages with featured videos, don’t forget that the ads also play on connected TV and game console properties, as well as the Google Video network and YouTube players embedded across the web.

In short – If you’re looking for exposure at volume – YouTube is IT.

making pre-roll dynamic and personalized.personalized-pre-roll-video

Making preroll relevant – Personalized video

As we mentioned earlier one of the primary concerns with pre-roll as an effective advertising platform is relevance. That’s all about to change. Here at Treepodia we’ve been hard at Our new technology replaces the “one-video-fits-all” mentality that is the current state of the industry, with a revolutionary dynamic video ad. We’re no able to create unique pre-rolls for every one of your products, furthermore these ads can be updated on-the-fly to include your latest promotions. When combined with retargeting data collected from your site the ads can even be personalized, so that each viewer is exposed to ads that relate to items they personally were viewing on your website.

How’s that for relevance…

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