Treepodia’s Newest Cool Feature: Clickable Call to Action Videos

What is it?

Clickable videos with embedded linked buttons are a cool new feature now included as a default for Treepodia’s new premier templates. After running through the product ad, viewers have the choice to:

  • Immediately purchase the product they saw
  • See similar products liked by others
  • See the best-sellers offered on the website

Whatever the vendor wishes to promote can be tied to these action buttons.


What it does …

In a nutshell this experience makes it easier for consumers to shop. If they like the product, they click directly on the video itself and are redirected to the shopping cart.

See it in action here.

The feature adds value to vendor’s videos by making them interactive and transforming them into direct sales channels. This might just be the fastest route from product presentation to checkout.

How to use it…

After creating your video and enabling the feature you’ll be offered to add the following buttons:

  • Add to Cart
  • Category Bestseller

After the first month of run-time, enough data will be aggregated by Treepodia’s algorithms to present the best cross-sell options for purchase.


Viewers who’re “just looking” are now exposed to a new, powerful and configurable call to action that can trigger deeper engagement and perhaps a purchase down the line. Less effort for the browser, with a heightened sense of urgency for the customers – This is call-to-action at its finest.