Treepodia’s Youtube Fetcher – Harness Youtube to Power Your Sales

With over a billion users and more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute Youtube still reigns supreme in the kingdom of online video. From the perspective of online retailers one of the most  interesting youtube phenomenons is product related user and brand generated content. It’s a simple reality that regardless of what you’re selling the odds are there are already youtube videos out there that relate to your product, and some of those might actually be excellent marketing pieces that could be very valuable at helping you drive sales. If you’ve ever tried locating them though you probably realized very quickly what a massive challenge it is to locate these needles in the Youtube haystack.

Treepodia to the Rescue

Treepodia’s newest offering arms smart algorithms with your products details and sends them to constantly crawl YouTube in search of videos relevant to your website. Gone are the days of endlessly browsing for relevant videos. Treepodia’s  Youtube Fetcher has relevant clips coming to you. Within minutes!

Videos are pooled and submitted for your approval. Once you’ve approved them they’re immediately posted to your site and mounted on Treepodia’s proprietary video A/B testing platform to further help optimize your sales funnel. The optimizer platform continuously analyzes which imported videos increase sales and which should be dropped . Clients already using Treepodia’s solutions can opt to have A/B testing pit Youtube fetched videos against their Treepodia automated videos.

Treepodia's Youtube Fetcher - Harness Youtube to Power Your Sales

Treepodia’s Youtube Fetcher – Harness Youtube to Power Your Sales


Battle tested  

In an early pilot launched in June 2014 the Youtube fetcher was implemented on veteran Treepodia client

The site delivers quality consumer electronic goods at low prices to customers across the UK and Europe. had been using Treepodia’s smart video platform to publish thousands of product videos to the website and had achieved very good ROI even before the latest pilot, however the Youtube fetcher helped boost unit sales by a further 37%!

CEO Rob Levy had the following to say about the solution:  “Approving videos was as simple as clicking a box once we reviewed them. The service’s filtering system works very well… …Treepodia’s YouTube Fetcher located many product videos from YouTube. Some of them increased our sales three fold”.