Roll with it: Using targeted ads on YouTube

So you’re going to YouTube to watch the latest cute kitten video. You’ll have to watch an ad first, but you don’t mind; you know this is the price of kitten video fun.

But what is this? An ad for Axe body spray? YouTube thinks I’m a 19-year-old frat boy?

At Treepodia, we already know how to show the right ads to the right audience.

The Power of Your Data

Our technology queries your existing data to figure out how to optimize your pre-roll YouTube ad. We crunch the information from your site’s visits to learn which products your customers are interested in, and we use that to determine who should see which ads.

This is referred to as retargeting.

Unleash the power of retargeted and personalized video!

Unleash the power of retargeted and personalized video!


What Exactly is Retargeting?

Retargeting uses pieces of code — cookies— to track people around the Internet.
With retargeting, you can show an ad to someone who has:

  • Visited your website
  • Bought something from you
  • And/or has given their contact information.

Big data allows us to go even further and personalize ads according to each customer’s browsing history. For example, someone shops for sleeping bags on REI. Later, they see ads for complementary camping gear as they’re clicking around elsewhere on the web.


Why Retargeted Video?

We know that:

  • Video is becoming the fastest ad format
  • People who watch pre-rolls are 75% more engaged than the average user

Blanket banner ads are so 1990s, but sadly, that’s what most pre-rolls are these days. There’s little point in spending your marketing budget on ad campaigns that have zero relevance to your customer’s profile. Treepodia’s technology has the power to engage your consumers with ads about products they are actually interested in purchasing.

Treepodia can showcase ads tailored to each of your prospective clients based on:

  • Past behaviors
  • Product interests
  • Preferred promotions

Personalized, targeted videos provide clients with a feeling of exclusivity, of having a personal assistant that stays with them and supports them along their journey through your online sites.

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