Engaging Customers with Personalized Videos – A Case Study with EyeBuyDirect

Email campaigns have been around forever, and the fact that personalization is key to marketing success has been studied extensively. Consumers are saturated with the task of building a following of happy, link-clicking, repeat customers, so you really need to roll out the red carpet by providing experiences they’ve never had before.

Over the past two years we’ve been developing an entirely new way for marketers to engage consumers: Personalized customer videos shared via email.

Our loyalty video technology utilizes data pulled directly from your client and purchasing database to craft a personalized message for each and every recipient.



If you want eyeballs, be direct and personal!


This technology allows retailers the opportunity to create a unique video, for every customer in their database. No more one-size-fits-all video. You can provide every single one of your consumers with a video that’s personalized according to their personal data, gathered in your big data system.

It’s supremely effective based on the results it delivers. Our latest case study analyzed the response to 50,000 emails sent to shoppers at EyeBuyDirect.com and found click-through rates had doubled, while conversions increased by 240%.


Working with EyeBuyDirect.com

Recently we had the opportunity to look at just what sort of ROI this level of customization can deliver, thanks to a campaign we ran for one of our oldest and most treasured supporters: online eyewear powerhouse EyeBuyDirect.com.

Founded in 2005, EyeBuyDirect is one of the web’s leading providers of eyewear.
They first started working with us in 2008 to include product videos for all their collections. Their input and insight have always been highly valued by our team, so we were very excited to work with them on the personalized videos as well.


How Did We Get a 240% Increase in Conversions?

The success of EyeBuyDirect’s campaign was attributed to the close collaboration we had with their team, and their focus on a few key areas:

Staying on Brand

Keeping marketing clear and concise is much easier to do when you’re working with the creative department responsible for the original messaging. EyeBuyDirect’s design team worked closely with us to ensure the videos’ styling matched their defined brand guidelines. The resulting clips sit very well in the context of the brand and create a seamless experience for viewers.

Choosing the Right Scenario

EyeBuyDirect’s campaign was carefully targeted at a very specific segment of their customer base: first-time buyers. Selecting this particular group for a campaign makes good sense for a number of reasons:

  • Memory of the brand stays fresh in their mind.
  • First-time customers could easily have been persuaded to purchase from another company, given the right incentive.
  • Cementing relationships with first-time buyers is critical for securing repeat business.
  • This target group is easily identifiable from the consumer data that EyeBuyDirect has accumulated in the decade they’ve been operating.

Leveraging Big Data

By analyzing EyeBuyDirect’s purchasing data we were not only able to customize the video to recognize each recipient’s name and gender, but also to include any message they would personally find attractive.

Making a “Yes” Easy

The campaign included a promotional offer that awarded consumers with a credit towards their next purchase. It is a nice way to thank consumers for their business, and also provide incentive for their next purchase.


Video + Email = Customer Loyalty Gold

Regularly including video is a smart move regardless of personalization. Your opt-out rate drops up to 75%, simply by including the word “video” in your email subject line, which can increase click-through rates from 7% to 13%.

Personalized video brings together two of most powerful tools in the marketer’s toolbox to deliver ROI that will leave your competitors in the dust. Contact Treepodia today to learn how we can help your brand launch a similar campaign.