Video – The Only Remaining SEO Opportunity

Search rankings — everybody wants them and that’s precisely the problem. With search results expanding at exponential rates it’s becoming increasingly hard for SMEs to attain and maintain meaningful rankings.


The Big Boys Are Killing It on Search

By now everybody knows that Google rankings are all about content. The simple reality is that larger companies have deeper pockets, allowing them to produce a larger quantity, and at shorter intervals.

So what’s an online retailer to do? Use video. Video still presents a great SEO opportunity for a number of compelling reasons:


Video Beats Volume

Video content is used far less than text, so with minimal competition it’s easier to rise to the top. Video is perceived to be harder to create than textual content, and in most cases that might be true, but Treepodia’s platform turns that paradigm on its head by creating videos automatically. With Treepodia, video happens in the background of your daily operations without any effort on your part!


Better Presentation Opportunities

Video offers visibility opportunities that are simply unavailable with textual content. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these:


YouTube –

The web’s second most popular search engine, and everybody’s favorite pastime, is an awesome showcase for your brand. But you need to use video content for your ticket into the game. Posting your videos on YouTube can be a pain and here again Treepodia automation comes to the rescue. Our video syndication tool makes sure your video content is syndicated to all major video portals. The process is fully automated, so again you don’t have to do a thing.


Google Video Search –

To meet the public’s ever-increasing demand for video content, Google added a dedicated videos tab to its search menu. Although the tab is beneficial, your video content should be listed and indexed in order to be found. The best way to ensure that your videos are indexed is to submit a video sitemap via your webmaster tools. Treepodia does the heavy lifting for you again by using a dedicated tool that ensures Google is aware of all of your content.


Video Snippets –

Perhaps the coolest presentation / SEO advantage that video provides is the opportunity to appear in the video snippets, which Google introduces into general search results for certain key phrases. This basically becomes your opportunity to jump to the head of the line with your content, regardless of how many web pages are competing for the phrase. No video = no opportunity.

The opportunities to grow your business are endless with the addition or expansion of video content. With Treepodia’s automated expertise, you can reap the benefits from video without having to worry about the “how.” Visit our website and let us revolutionize your video platforms.