2016 Video Marketing Trends

2016 Video Marketing Trends to Watch

The online world is flooded with content, which creates a critical need for videos that will engage and capture your target audience. In looking ahead at video marketing trends, the experts have produced some interesting data and predictions.

Forbes expects that video ads will dominate online marketing in 2016. This assessment is not surprising when looking at stats collected by Momentology, which state that: “654.7 million videos have been uploaded by 66.7 million creators in the last 365 days to more than 30 video platforms. And these videos have 2.8 trillion views, or an average of 4,390 views per video.”

That’s a staggering amount of views. So how do you connect with the audience you’re targeting when so many are competing for the attention of the same market? YouTube and Facebook have successfully used ads with retargeting options. These strategies essentially allow your video ads to play in real time, with an audience that has previously viewed your ads or products. The specific ad shown, and the tailored content, is based upon whether viewers clicked the link, watched the whole video or just glimpsed at it for a few seconds during previous visits. It’s a powerful tool that all video marketers should be considering.

So how else will video marketers react in 2016? Let’s take a look at what other predictions lie ahead for 2016, according to the experts.


Embedded Videos in Searches

Will 2016 see Google introduce embedded videos in searches? Some experts seem to think so. Forbes recently reported that Google certainly seems to be heading that way. The benefit of video ads is that users would be presented with video ads related to their search, potentially opening up more opportunity for personalized videos.

Other search engines seem to be leading this trend Bing and Yahoo are reported to be working on embedded videos even before Google. It would certainly follow in the trends set by Twitter and Facebook with auto-played videos on users’ feeds. In fact, Tubular Labs reported that last year Facebook videos generated an astonishing 1.2 trillion views, vs. 1.1 trillion views on YouTube.


Mobile Video to Continue to Surge

According to Momentology, Cenk Bulbul, Head of Agency Marketing at Google, had this to say:

“…YouTube has seen a 100 percent growth in watch time on mobile devices vs. last year. Understanding and taking advantage of the changes in consumer behavior is more critical than ever for brands. …In 2016, advertisers, agencies and media platforms will need to stay grounded in data and continue rooting their innovation in insights into the behaviors that are emerging in this new world of mobile video.”

Mobile content and easy to digest advertising will become more and more important for companies to produce. Engaging content is crucial in order to capture viewers and influence behavior while they are on the move.


A Shift from View Metrics to Engagement Metrics

Rather than focus solely on the number of views as a metric, 2016 could see a shift in using engagement as a metric. This not only gives marketers more detailed information about users’ actions, it also makes it easier to showcase success of commerce-generating behaviors. As Robert Davis, Executive Director, Content & Social at Ogilvy predicts, the more useful information, rather than just views, will be: “click-through, length of view and actions after a view.”

This will provide marketers with crucial information for analyzing their campaigns. It creates a wealth of data to see how behavior can be influenced, and whether or not video advertisements are having a positive effect.

As we enter 2016, Treepodia wishes you a happy, healthy and successful New Year! We are always here to support you, and help you take your company to the next level with all of the new video marketing trends for 2016.