Dynamic Remarketing – Engage with Users on a Personal Level



With dynamic remarketing, you could see your ads receive 5 times the conversions

When users visit your site, they may spend plenty of time looking at goods and services but never actually end up purchasing anything. With dynamic remarketing, you’ll be able to remind users of content they’ve viewed by using ads tailored to their previous engagements. It’s a great tool that can see click-through and conversion rates go through the roof.

Let’s look at an example of just how powerful it can be:

In 2014, Brazilian online travel agency, Hotel Urbano, saw a “38% higher return on ad spend for remarketing versus before it was implemented, driving 415% more revenue with only a 304% larger investment.” Their aggressive approach to digital marketing really paid off with the use of dynamic marketing. They captured users who looked at hotels yet never booked, then later converted them through specified ads reminding them about their dream holidays.

The ability to recapture and re-engage users has proven to be a major success with online retailers. So how can you make use of dynamic remarketing?


Make the Most of it With or Without Video

Video ads are a great way to capture your audiences’ attention and experts are predicting video ads are set to dominate 2016, particularly so on mobile platforms. Marketing Land recently reported that video ads are 5 times more engaging than standard banner ads on mobiles, a strong indicator that dynamic remarketing with video ads could prove to be very successful.

With dynamic remarketing, you can have videos generated to advertise goods and services with engaging video content based upon what users last viewed or added to their shopping carts. With videos, you can bring the products to life, from paradise holiday cruises to the latest power tools—users can watch what they searched for in action.

Imagine the possibilities of dynamic remarketing with video ads on YouTube. Tailored ads can reach millions of eyes across YouTube and its partner sites, re-engaging users with content that’s directly targeted at their browsing history.

Here’s how it can do wonders for you:

  • Broader Scope: All those eyes can be focused solely on your product, giving you a much wider audience for your remarketing list
  • Efficient Pricing: The potential is there to meet your target ROI much more rapidly, with more clicks and more conversions

Even without video ads, dynamic remarketing is changing the way you can engage users. A few simple examples are:

  • Use dynamic retargeting to remind users what they looked at, and let them know when there’s an offer on what they last viewed
  • Use dynamic retargeting to showcase users with newer, better products through offers that are similar to what they’re looking for.
  • Use dynamic retargeting to pitch add-on products that extend functionality and use of products they’ve already purchased from you.

The possibilities are truly limitless, and we’ll be happy to discuss with you methodologies that best match your particular need. Dynamic Remarketing provides so much proven potential for value. Isn’t it time you jumped on board?


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