Videos in Search Results – The Next Big Thing?


We mentioned in a post at the start of 2016 that embedded videos in search options may be the next big thing this year – let’s see why

It’s being touted as Google’s next big step in the evolution of search advertising, which started as text and links, and now features images. Is video then, the next sensible progression?

We’ve discussed Facebook’s big bet on video and the benefits of dynamic video retargeting, so it would make sense for Google to implement videos into searches – especially as it ties in so well with its other video ad developments.


Is Google Alone?

Apparently Google is not. As reported by Digiday, Yahoo is currently developing embedded videos in search and Bing already sells “Rich Ads”.

As John Cosley, Marketing Director in the Search Advertising Group at Microsoft mentions: “Rich Ads are truly effective because they allow advertisers to engage better with potential customers on the search engine results page, and offer a higher conversion rate.”

Or more simply put: imagine that the target audience no longer has to read through results, but instead they can watch related ads that are specifically what they’re after. It would seem highly likely that this method could boost conversion rates, particularly when bringing the potential of dynamic retargeting into the equation.


Will it Work?

While it may seem like a no-brainer, with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter benefitting so much from video in-feeds, some insiders are being more cautious.

According to Jim Nail, a Forrester analyst, it’s largely dependant on how marketers wish to focus their attention on their own sites, as “every feed-based website is giving the content away right there, when consumers want it. Google’s doing the same thing bringing the content to the feed, and that’s video.”

If marketers do continue to embrace video ads, it would seem almost certain that videos embedded into Google search would have a profound effect.


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