Millenials: Marketing for Short Attention Spans


The average human attention span shrunk to 8.25 seconds in 2015 and is now shorter than a goldfish, according to research by Microsoft.

It’s no surprise people get distracted easily these days. The average person reportedly picks up their phone over 1500 times a week and spends 28% of their time per day on social media.

Representing nearly a quarter of the U.S. population at 80 million people and with an estimated buying power of $200 billion dollars, millenials are a particularly important market for many companies.

While it’s hard enough to attract anyone’s attention, millenials are the most distracted generation to date and have a tendency to multi-task incessantly.

So how, in this age of information overload where every second of attention counts, can you effectively communicate with them?


One of the biggest factors that has shortened attention spans and promoted multi-tasking among millenials is the increase in smartphone use and focus on mobile content.

The term that Google has coined to decribe this move towards short-term, increasingly mobile interactions is micro-moments: When people want to learn, do, buy, watch or discover something they reflexively pick up a device.

From 15 second Intragram videos to Snapchat conversations, millenials are the kings of micro-moments. To successfully communicate with them you need to attract their attention and serve their needs during these micro-moments.

Short, high impact communications

With such a short amount of time with which to win over millenials, it’s vital to grab visitors attention and give them your key messages in a matter of seconds.

The best medium for doing this is undoubtedly video. According to research from Tivo, millenials are more active video watchers than any other US age group.

A 2015 survey from Animoto suggests that video is helpful for eight out of ten millenials when they research a product or service and that they’re 85% more likely to buy a service or product if they’re able to watch a video about it beforehand.

With the same survey finding that 84% of millenials like brands or companies on Facebook, video is clearly a very effective way to communicate with them on social media.

It’s important to keep those videos short though, recent research shows millenials prefer 10 second video ads.

Using services such as Treepodia, it’s affordable and easy to make videos a part of your marketing strategy.