Why Do Personalized Videos Resonate with Customers?

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What are personalized videos?

Personalized marketing videos are the most engaging, immersive and converting multimedia tools available to marketers today. On the Internet, there are a handful of ways that smart advertising campaigns can reach their customers and generate calls to action. For the most part, we have all grown tired of pop-ups and conventional banners with the text-rich content. The sheer glut of unsolicited, dry content is its very undoing. As consumers we want something fresh and appealing. This has opened up a world of opportunity in the form of personalized videos.

As a classic example of personalized content, a commercial was created for DietDirect by Treepodia. The video uses brevity, engaging content and easy-to-digest material that resonates with its customer base. The personalized video works because it targets the issues that health-conscious users are most interested in with their diet.


Back in the day, in the ‘Jurassic era’ before the was Internet a.k.a. the 1980s and 1990s we would seek personalisation in the form of stenciling, key chains and T-shirts with our names on them etcetera. That was considered personalized content. With the Internet, there is so much more available to us as consumers than we ever thought possible. We want something that is customized to ourselves, and marketing departments around the world are fully aware of that fact. Prior to the age of video marketing, everything revolved around intelligent text advertising to reach its intended audience. But that’s no longer sufficient to reel us in – we need more stimuli!

Why Do We Care About Personalized Video Content?

A research paper at the University of Texas discovered several reasons why people seek a customized experience. First of all, a personalized message is something that we can claim as our own – it speaks to us. In some abstract way, we actually control the personalized content. The numbers ring true: sales increased by 19% when the Internet browsing experience was personalized, as evidenced by the study. Further, conversion rates were up by at least 10% with personalized emails in video marketing and click through rates enjoyed a 14% uptick.

Personalized content is virtually guaranteed to enhance the user experience and increase the conversion rate. And we all know that videos really increase conversion rates. According to the study, a personalized video on a landing page has the capacity to up conversions by as much as 80%. This was supported by ComScore which found that customers were overwhelmingly more likely to buy after watching a personalized video (64% to 84% of customers felt like making a purchase).

Touchdown! The New York Jets Punt a Personalized Video for the Ultimate Jets Fan

The New York Jets created an engaging personalized video for all of their fans, and the effectiveness of this video is clearly evident. By targeting fans directly, there is naturally a much higher level of engagement, immersion and brand loyalty. Why does this video work? Because it’s targeting bands – looking for the ultimate Jets fan, and that could be anyone who supports the team and feels passionate about it – a clear winner in the personalized video marketing arena.


Personalized videos have had a geometric impact on conversion rates with email opening rates, as evidenced by a company known as Vinyard which saw a 272% spike in email effectiveness. This begs the question: what makes for effective video personalisation? First of all, a truly personalized video would target the individual user by name, job description, company, job title, location and a host of other factors.

This could all be incorporated together with an intelligent algorithm that collates data and then directs the individual user to the relevant video which is tailored to that demographic. In other words, an email could be sent out to scores of people, but it would be tailored to each individual and then redirect each of them to the relevant personalized video. It truly is remarkable how easy it is to target individuals, groups of individuals or customer segments with specific videos that resonate with the individual.

Nike Inc Not to be Outdone Seeks ‘Outdo You’ to Get Individuals Users On Board

Nike Inc. recently jumped on the bandwagon with a fantastic personalized video geared towards enticing the individual to want Nike-branded products. The animated video was titled ‘Outdo You’ for 2015 and it was highly effective and inspirational to fitness enthusiasts around the world.


We Want Fresh, Bold and Creative Personalized Videos

Converting customers is a job in and of itself. But customers are increasingly fatigued by spammy marketing initiatives – they want something fresh and bold and personal. Markets are becoming more and more fragmented and regulation is playing a greater role in business dealings. To be effective, personalized video content needs to be consistent, transformative and adaptive.

The video needs to be able to grab the user’s attention within 5 seconds and convince them that this product or service is indispensable to them. There are many ways to do this, not least of which is the shock and awe approach, the humorous angle, the twist in the tale, or the ambience-setting nature of a well-made video. The level of creativity that is needed in personalized video content will vary according to the needs of the company. All the while, the single most important element is how it connects with the person on the other side!