Why is Facebook Video Remarketing So Effective?

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People are inherently drawn to video in the social media arena!

Video Ads Are Increasingly Popular on Facebook and Here’s Why!

As the world’s #1 social media platform, Facebook stands head and shoulders above the competition. According to Facebook’s official company info page, it features 1.13 billion daily active users through June 2016, 1.03 billion mobile daily active users through June 2016, and 1.71 billion monthly active users (MAU) through June 2016. The numbers are mind-boggling, and the opportunities inherent in that type of market are simply astounding. The big challenge for advertisers is how best to communicate with users. Fortunately, users have answered that question for advertisers: video remarketing.


Why Is Video Remarketing So Effective?

For starters, video is the preferred communication medium for users today. Banners are relics of the past, and unless they offer multimedia-rich content they fail to convert users. Text-rich content sans video is ineffective. Video remarketing is unique in that it allows you to target custom audiences direct from Facebook. In other words, the people you are focusing your attention on have already expressed an interest in the products and/or services you are offering.

Hence the term ‘remarketing’ as opposed to video marketing. Half the challenge in any marketing campaign is reaching the right target market. Once you already know who is interested in the products/services you are offering, a video remarketing campaign is the best way to go. And where do Facebook users see these videos? The News Feed – that’s exactly where everyone congregates.

Today, advertisers realise that the best way to get their name out there is via social media channels. A few big names come to mind in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and G +. Among them, only one dominates – Facebook. The people who already frequent your website, are the ideal people to target with a video remarketing campaign. You can re-engage them with ads that are custom-made to specific groups of people.

How Do You Use Video Remarketing on Facebook?

Fortunately, Facebook has made it really easy for marketers to use the features on Facebook to run video remarketing campaigns. Once you have installed the Facebook pixel on your website, all of your website traffic can be redirected accordingly. Of course, you can opt to install the Facebook pixel on specific pages only. Once you have done this, you can run advertisements for those specific web visitors on Facebook, and you can continue to enjoy their patronage accordingly.

The ad creation tools available on Facebook have been expressly designed to target specific groups of customers so that you can expand your net as a marketer. Facebook also offers another unique feature in its Facebook business section known as lookalike audiences. This allows you to identify and construct new audiences based on people with similar preferences to your existing target market. This can be used in conjunction with your present video remarketing initiative – only on a larger scale.

There are many examples of video ads on Facebook, all of which can be created, optimized and measured via the Facebook API. It is possible to generate precisely the right sounds, sights, motions and overall content that you need to drive your brand to your target market. Facebook allows you to generate what is known as an ad creative. You can use an existing video ID by uploading a video to the Facebook network via the ad account video library, or directly through the page video feed. For those who are in favour of using slideshow features as part of the marketing initiative, Facebook also allows this option.


Image slideshows are less effective than video remarketing, but they nonetheless allow for a greater conversion rate than standard banners or static pages. There are various cost considerations that you will want to bear in mind as part of your ad campaign. One such issue is the ad set. Cost per view is oftentimes a client’s overarching consideration. If it costs you X amount of money for every person that views your ad, you will want to optimize those views for maximum profitability. Facebook allows this to be achieved with an ad set. Cost per view is typically lower than ad sets.

How Effective Is Video Remarketing with Facebook?

Once you have created a video that is directed at those visitors who have already frequented your website, you are already ahead of the competition. Video remarketing has proven itself time and again. Consider the modern-day version of the age-old paradigm: ‘A picture is worth 1000 words, but a video is worth 30 pictures per second!’ The engagement that a 30-second video is capable of achieving is mind-boggling.

There are so many other ways of engaging clients, users or shoppers (e-books, webinars, surveys, free trials, free quotes et al), but all of them pale in comparison to video remarketing. Forbes Magazine recently conducted a study and it concluded that users prefer video marketing over all of the other options available.

Some of the reasons why video remarketing is so effective on Facebook are as follows:

  • Video testimonials tend to inspire confidence and trust.
  • Humans enjoy seeing human faces and the reactions they evoke as opposed to raw text.
  • Voices stimulate the senses and drive users to action.
  • Short video remarketing campaigns generate curiosity among users. Users will naturally be drawn to subscribe to updated video remarketing campaigns.
  • Users enjoy seeing movement in the form of multimedia-rich content as opposed to text ads.
  • The social sharing options with positive emotions on a social media network generate the viral effect.
  • Video remarketing is capable of building trust and this is its major advantage over other forms of advertising content. Real people are simply perceived as more credible.
  • The ‘shareability’ factor is a big part of the appeal of video remarketing campaigns that are incisive, humorous or thought-provoking.

Focus on Trends: The Human Touch

If we look at the trends in video remarketing initiatives, there is increasing evidence that this is precisely what end users prefer. In 2014 a survey was conducted indicating that some 93% of the marketing professionals have used video content in 2013 and 82% preferred it. Back then, 41% of US adults watched online videos, and that figure is growing all the time. Of course, video can compress content into seconds whereas standard text is time intensive and mundane. Naturally, strategies must be adopted to cater to clients wherever they are. For example, Facebook allows the slide share option for emerging market countries since Internet connectivity is often substandard.


In developed countries, full video functionality and video remarketing initiatives are highly effective tools. Today, the vast majority of users in developed countries are taking to smartphones and tablets. The mobile marketing revolution is the fastest growing component of the Internet of things today. We can now access Facebook on mobile with improved clarity, speed and fluidity. The proof of the pudding is in the testing: email advertising with video embedded in the subject line has a higher overall conversion rate. And video remarketing that tells a story within a short period of time is more likely to captivate the audience and drive them to action.

For all of the above reasons, and many more that have not been listed, Facebook video remarketing campaigns are highly effective in today’s digital age. People simply don’t have time to waste on boring banners and mundane advertising. Smart videos with clear calls to action, or intriguing content are the preferred option!

It should be remembered that videos bring added value to remarketing initiatives. This is especially true when they are dynamic; meaning that the right videos reach the right people. Remarketing becomes more efficient when visitors are presented with videos of specific products they have already seen previously at a website. To bring this all to fruition, professional vendors such as Treepodia are involved to create these engaging video ads.