2017 Video Marketing Predictions

Effective Ways to Boost Retention, Conversion and Profitability: Video Marketing of the Future.


Video marketing is the way of the future, and it’s making waves around the world!

Companies looking to boost their retention, conversion and profitability are increasingly turning to video remarketing. Building strong brand loyalty is best achieved by video marketing. Plus, the integrative appeal of video on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is off the charts. In today’s culture of instant gratification, video provides the rush customers are looking for!

Assume That All Customers Have Zero Tolerance for Lengthy Content

Twitter is the world’s premier micro-blogging social media platform. It features soundbites, short videos and instant news updates. The thing about Twitter, is that the lifespan of each tweet is limited. It remains relevant only insofar as the content is retweeted, reposted, shared or liked. Much the same is true with video remarketing initiatives. An engaging and converting video is more likely to enjoy prolonged longevity on social media platforms. As such, we can expect the length of marketing-driven videos to be shortened in 2017. The world has rapidly shifted from PC-based browsing to mobile-based browsing, and marketing companies are making the necessary changes. In the future, effective video remarketing will have a strong mobile presence.

Live the Experience: Video Remarketing with Real-Time Streaming

If content is not engaging, brief and converting, it will be summarily dismissed by users. With all the time, effort and expense incurred in video remarketing initiatives, management teams will need to factor in these crucial user-side requirements. Shorter videos are far more effective at engaging customers than lengthy alternatives. Moving ahead, we will see the importance of virtual reality in social media and online presence. Video consumption will feature a large live streaming component merged with virtual reality.

Targeted Video Content Direct from Individual Companies

For now, we haven’t really seen much development in terms of targeted advertising with written content. That too will change in the future. Whether or not 360° video content will become the norm is hard to tell. While some analysts expect that YouTube may become relegated to obscurity, others cite its growing dominance in the video marketing arena. Overall though, there is no doubt that television is giving way to the Internet. The generation of today is less concerned about cable subscriptions than it is about live streaming Internet. Major brands like Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Home Depot and others are leveraging their ability to produce superb video marketing content for advertising purposes and showcase their own services.

Total Synergy in Video Marketing Campaigns

Another possible development with video marketing is the synergism that is likely to take place. Video marketing has largely been the domain of an exclusive team within a company. In the future, we are likely to see employees adding their input with user-friendly video tools available to them. When it comes to management of the video marketing projects, vice president’s will be needed to oversee activities. These types of projects require a hands-on approach with clear lines of authority and accountability. Video analytics are a great tool for tracking user engagement for management personnel. For 2017, there is no doubt that advanced analytics will come into play to enhance the efficacy of video marketing.

Sales Set to Use Video Content for Boosting Revenues

Sales departments within companies also need to maximise these video resources. Effective video marketing is a great way to boost sales and ROI. Multimedia content has a propensity to perform well on social media networks. Company broadcasts may also switch from conventional press releases to video releases. Business to business companies can transmit news across video channels as opposed to conventional text. Video has the added benefit of sensory stimulus, while dry text tends to get ignored. Real-time personalization – RTP – is a hot new technology that adapts to the user in question. So if individual X has a website, the video would target individual X’s website for ways to optimize conversion rates, return on investment (ROI), and revenue generation.

A Breakthrough Technology: Dynamic Video Remarketing

Dynamic video remarketing is one of the most ingenious methods of engaging users who have already frequented your website. These users have shown a preference for your products and/or services. The beauty of dynamic video remarketing is that you don’t need to go out and find users who may or may not be interested in your products. All users in dynamic video remarketing have shown an interest in your e-commerce site. By targeting a select group of people with effective ads, not only does your retention rate increase, but your ROI increases too.

Bounce rates with effectively managed dynamic video remarketing initiatives are significantly lower, and revenue generation is all but assured. Tailored content is created for your company’s brand, and it is designed to captivate user attention within seconds to help boost retention and revenue. We are already seeing many companies switching to dynamic video remarketing as their preferred medium for driving up company profitability. Text is dry and boring and dynamic video remarketing is the way of the future.

Video Marketing is Going Online Fast

Generation Y people have opted out of satellite TV and cable TV in favour of Internet TV. We are likely to see a paradigm shift away from old school techniques towards new-age techniques where video reigns supreme. YouTube-style video content will allow users in their living rooms to enjoy fully optimized video content about a company’s products and services. Consider that in April, 2015, Facebook showcased 4 billion video views per day. Within several months that number spiked to 8 billion video views per day.  By 2019, it is estimated that as much as 80% of online traffic will be video streaming content. That’s a quantum leap from where we are today!