Content Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Video Campaign

Best Practice #1 – Personalized Marketing Material

Online video is gaining prominence every day. Video has already overtaken traditional banners and text as the most effective communication medium in the world. This is especially true in marketing campaigns.

Customers tend to shy away from videos that force a hard sell; they are interested in following a narrative that appeals to their emotions and drives them to action. That’s where basic storytelling comes into the picture. It’s a great idea to create video content that is appealing, humorous or guiding.

It’s not enough to simply include a customer’s name in a video; much more is needed. Videos should focus on the entire group that a specific customer fits into.

For example, it is possible to create targeted videos based on a person’s age, gender, tastes, preferences, geographic location, past purchases, and so forth. The browsing habits of users can easily be collected by software programs that analyze user behavior.

This can then be incorporated into a ‘demographic’ with targeted video content to hit the right note.

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Ski vacation for families

Blog Feb 2017_2

Ski vacation for couples

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Sea vacation for friends

Best Practice #2 – Gender Focus

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EyeBuyDirect Campaign for Men

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EyeBuyDirect Campaign for Men

Men and women can be approached differently by the same company. EyeBuyDirect created a successful video marketing campaign around a specific narrative that ‘More is Better’. They approached their customers by convincing them that a single pair of glasses is insufficient.

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EyeBuyDirect Campaign for Women        

 Blog Feb 2017_7                

EyeBuyDirect Campaign for Women

For the women, a different approach was adopted. EyeBuyDirect appealed to one’s taste buds with ice cream and candy. They also drove the point home with shoes and accessories to appeal to women. One is not enough is a terrific slogan to entice female customers to want more of their favorite eyewear.

The same 15% off the next purchase was offered to female customers, but from a different angle.

Best Practice #3 – Brevity

One thing you will instantly notice about successful video marketing campaigns is their brevity. Customers don’t have patience to sit through lengthy marketing efforts. A customer’s attention span is extremely limited, and if you don’t hook them within seconds, you’ve lost them.

It is important to define the message that you wish to transmit in the video, and not burden users with too much information at once.

The ultimate video tool for this is the video banner. As it can be displayed in all places of the internet (on websites, in Facebook feeds…), it needs to stand out and convey your message very quickly.

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Best Practice #4 – Leverage your Support

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Habitat Video Remarketing via e-mail

If the video marketing is done on Facebook, there is no audio to speak of. It is the visuals that must drive the customer to action. Powerful images can convert customers. When it comes to email videos, complete personalization is possible. The videos are directed at an individual, not a group of people.

Regarding YouTube pre-rolls, the message should be apparent before the skip ad button appears on YouTube. This takes place within 5 seconds.

Customers need to be bowled over by the audio-visuals so that the Wow Factor drives the user to see the full advertisement. Remember, there are just 5 seconds to hit a chord with customers – no more.

Since email is the most personalized form of video marketing available, there is a little more leeway with this medium. Companies can afford to adopt a humorous approach, an energetic approach, or a more personal tone with their audience. A good example of email video marketing is this Habitat Video.

In this case, a customer has purchased a sofa from the company, and the company is aware of what specific accoutrements and furniture items will match the recent purchase. This is a great way to generate additional sales, maintain the personal connection, and increase customer retention.

Best Practice #5 – Promote Brand Awareness

To be good at what you do, you need to understand precisely what it is that you’re doing. An e-commerce website selling jewelry needs to create a video campaign that gels with the jewelry store. For example: Elegant videos work great with jewelry stores.

For companies involved in entertainment and gaming, an entirely different approach can be adopted. For example, the world’s foremost provider of online casino games, 888 created a popular video marketing campaign that resonates with its player base. The glitz and glam of a casino is far more appealing to that niche crowd than it may be to somebody purchasing a Cartier ring.

Best Practice #6 – A Powerful CTA

Once all the work has been done, a video marketing campaign needs to finish strongly. This is the make or break part of the deal, and it needs to be perfect to resonate with customers. Of course, different CTAs (calls to action) may be attributed to different customers.

A great way to entice a customer to click on a video to make a purchase is a promotional offer. The promotional offer needs to be 100% clear to the customer. An even better idea is to personalize the call to action with the customer’s name, such as: ‘Check this out, Michelle!’ or ‘You got to see this David!

A video can be the ultimate sales tool, especially when customers click on it and make a purchase. A powerful call to action is possible if the video engages the customer by stirring up emotions. Once the seed has been planted, the click will come, and the sale will be made.