Video Retargeting Outperforms Traditional Retargeting with Average Industry Increases of 74% in CTR and 49% in ROI [Infographic]

Stay on Target with Organizational Goals with Dynamic Video Retargeting

Treepodia collated data from a year-long study comprising in-depth analysis and research on the effectiveness of dynamic video retargeting. The results are astounding. Treepodia confirmed that dynamic video retargeting campaigns have a positive effect on view rates, return on investment and click through rates for multiple industries. This series of findings confirms what the marketing gurus have been saying for some time. Video retargeting is the most effective form of advertising, and the proof of the pudding is in the numbers.

How Does Dynamic Video Retargeting Work?

Simply put, dynamic video marketing initiatives re-targets viewers with products/services that they have already looked at, perhaps even purchased. The video component of the retargeting initiative is compelling and engaging on multiple levels. This is precisely why Treepodia decided to analyze the impact of video on all the metrics. The case study had a joint objective: comparisons between CTR/ROI vis-à-vis video retargeting campaigns, and YouTube pre-roll view rates with video retargeting versus standard remarketing. The results of the study conclusively prove that dynamic video retargeting is a highly effective marketing tool.

While companies realize that video marketing advertisements would generate positive results, quantitative data was required. To quantify the effect of a qualitative tool such as video, certain metrics needed to be selected. The marketing director of Treepodia, Sarah Nochimowski decided that click through rate (CTR) and return on investment (ROI) would be the primary indicators. Click through rates are typically utilized as KPIs in advertising. ROIs are the bread crumbs that every marketer follows. 4 unique industries were selected in the case study, including financial services, jewelry & gifts, homes & kitchens, and furniture.

Dynamic video retargeting allows advertisers to use video advertisements to re-target customers who previously viewed their products or services, with the same products and services. In other words, they are tailored to the individual viewer for maximum traction and conversion. This customized approach has proven to be highly effective at converting viewers into buyers and increasing click through rates and ROI. The videos are engaging and emotive, and designed expressly for the individual.

These dynamic video retargeting messages are displayed as video banners in a newsfeed, on Facebook or with AdWords. They are highly effective as pre-rolls on YouTube videos. For mid final advertising, they are peerless, and advertisers typically have little to do with accelerating this form of advertising. As a performance-based marketing medium, dynamic video retargeting is unparalleled.

Regular Retargeting Initiatives Versus Video Retargeting Initiatives


Treepodia wanted to measure how many impressions each unique marketing initiative were able to create. The bottom line is pretty damning against static retargeting. The overall increase in click through rates (CTR) were measured at 74%, while the return on investment (ROI) increased by 49%. More importantly all industries reported sharp upticks in ROI and CTR. The greatest improvements were seen in the jewelry & gifts industry, and the furniture industry. Astonishingly, jewelry & gifts reported increases of 100% in both metrics, while the furniture industry reported a CTR increase of 86% with an ROI increase of 34%.

The explanation for the high click through rates and return on investments for the jewelry & gifts industry is simple: high ticket items do not require users to try them out before they make a purchase. The video is highly effective in creating the demand for the products, and this is what drives CTR and ROI. These stimuli in the videos are compelling enough to boost activity with these e-commerce platforms. Much the same is true of the furniture industry. With regards to the home & kitchen industry, there was a 33% increase in ROI and a 39% increase in CTR. The positive effects of video retargeting are not limited to CTR and ROI; they are also apparent in marketing campaigns on Facebook and with Google AdWords.

Dynamic Video Retargeting and YouTube Pre-Roll View Rates

The personalized nature of dynamic video retargeting is highly effective at creating targeted advertisements. These can ‘sell’ a product or service that a viewer previously saw. The problem with generic targeting is that it adopts a one-size-fits-all strategy for everyone. This is ineffective at hitting the right notes with viewers, and it does not resonate on a personal level. There is a strong emphasis on branding with generic videos, but the personalized nature of the videos is absent. When dynamic video retargeting was introduced for YouTube pre-roll purposes, there was a 47% rise in view rates. This is extremely important for creating and maintaining a favorable brand image. This adds value to retargeting campaigns, and it trumps the hard sell and improves KPI. Dynamic video retargeting was shown to generate positive results for anyone selling any service or product online.